Free Faith and Critical Reason Essay Sample

The discussion under this paper aims at the relationship of human nature and the supernatural being. This will put into consideration the external nature of humanity in relation to what the internal perception of humanity believes. Huxley’s consideration of the supernatural and Freud’s and Barth’s concepts of how what is inside humanity relates to what is outside humanity. Therefore, I am going to discuss how free will of humans can impact on the natural world. My focus will be on human nature, nature outside humanity and the divinity of God. This essay will also compare Freud’s and Huxley’s perception on human nature and humanity that exists above the former. This will answer the questions; do we need divine nature to interact with us in order not only to reach the perfection of our own nature, but even to really know our own nature? And is super-nature really that distinct from human nature, or is it only our own nature in disguise or projected, and if so, does the projection accomplish anything for us?

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The relationship between the beliefs that bind human nature, divine God and the nature outside humanity is still under a tussle and people hold different opinions pertaining to the same problem. Some believe that God is the creator and takes care of each and every natural phenomenon, but human beings help Him to take care of them. But the problem of exploiting nature crops in and one is left to wonder if such activities are morally upright according to God, human nature or the force outside human nature.

Huxley sees humankind at the summit of evolutionary advancement with the task of promoting it through cultural evolution. The harmony of nature must be reflected in unanimity of knowledge that disqualifies the supernatural. In his book “Man’s Place and Role in Nature”, he argues that,

Nature is not a mechanism, but a process. To define man’s place in nature, we must discover what situation he occupies in the process; to determine his role, we need to discover something of the essential characters not only of nature, but of man himself as a resultant within its process; and this exploration will lead to new views on the unity of knowledge

Our knowledge therefore gives us the mandate to identify man’s responsibility as well as his position in environment.His responsibility is to be the tool capable of effecting main advances and of understanding the new possibilities for developing life.

On the other hand, Sigmund Freud view on humanity is that every human nature refers to the varying characteristics which include ways of thinking, how we feel and behave and all these happen and is triggered naturally. Human nature makes humans to become what they become, and therefore, classifies it as a force that exists independently in individuals. This has shown that there is an extraordinary connection between the human nature and divinity. Freud argued that sexual desires are the primary driving force to of human life, and this leads to free will and association with nature even in the extreme manner.

We should be in a position to believe that man has a role to play in nature and the union of knowledge and organized experience. If man’s role is to be the apparatus of advancement in evolution of this earth, he wants the greatest possible scheme to permit him to carry out that role successfully. Extension of his knowledge on the unitary process of certainty and part of reality adjoined with the personal nature and his own psychosocial evolution is vital. Research must be energetically put on trial in every scope of science and innovation. Humanity should also try to amalgamate his facts by systematizing it and by finding out the interrelations between various fields of knowledge.


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