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Free Family of Children with Disabilities Essay Sample

Parents with disabled children always have the feeling that they cannot make it to satisfaction. This leads them to feel that they need extra support. They may get all the support they need from the local authority. This help may be from the children's or adult department in the local authority. This obligation to these parents is in the government laws and regulation. It is therefore true to say that parents of the disabled have the right to any kind of support. It is true to say that the government has gone too far in ensuring that theses parents get the support they need. This gets support from the action that the government has decided to take according to the matter

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The government has come up with policies that govern the support providence. The policies state and tie the local authorities to the obligation of providing for them. The policies are trying hard to remove the disability issue as the main problem. The only issue considered now is the provision of resources. The government strives to make sure that the local authorities do not have the notion that parents of the disabled are better off on their own.

Another point to support the previous statement is by stating the government's decision to grant the parents of the disabled the right against discrimination. It does not justify any one or an organization that discriminates any parents just because they happen to have disabled children. This right can be exercised n restaurants, sports centers and social services. The government manages distribution of these services is done to ensure the disabled are not left out.

The government has also gone ahead to make sure that the parents of the disabled receive special services. It has done this by making sure that some laws are adjusted for the better. This is notable in the kind of hearings that they may receive in courts and other government institutions. The fact that they have disabled children plays a great role in the way that the court goes about the cases.

Judging from the above stated actions, I can conclude that the government has gone too far in ensuring that the parents of the disabled are provided for. The government has gone to extreme lengths to ensure this is done.


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