Free How Texting and Chatting Affects My Life Essay Sample

Mobile messaging is one of the new trends of communication since it is instant, does not depend on location and extremely personal. Texting and chatting are some of the quick methods of communication facilitated by mobile devices such as mobile phones and laptops.  The significant advantage associated with texting and chatting is that they are instant, implying that communication takes place in real time, which in turn facilitates immediate response and decision making. It is vital assess the positive and negative impacts of chatting and texting before one embarks on the decision to continue or stop using chat and texts. The convenience associated with texting and chatting is of ultimate significance in the present society. This paper explores how my ability to use devices that allow texting other people affects my life. The paper explores the advantages and disadvantages of texting and chatting, any potential dangers that might provoke me to rethink of my decision to text.

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The first significant advantage of texting and chatting is that it saves time, especially when there is a limited time to engage in a fully-fledged dialogue. Texts and chats are delivered succinctly and precisely because of word economy. The second benefit of texting and chatting is that it is economical compared to other communication methods such as calls. Texting and chatting is considered an economical alternative since it is facilitated by cheap internet connectivity in some cases. The third advantage of texting and chatting is that they are discreet communication methods in cases where phone calls are considered not appropriate. In addition, texting and chatting is less disturbing than phone calls. For instance, during meetings, texting and chatting is the best form of communication since it is less intrusive. The fourth benefit associated with texting and chatting is that there is no harsh interruption, bi-directional texts and chats are not simultaneous, implying that messages have to be delivered prior to replying. This enhances communication when accompanied with succinct and precise messages. In addition, texting and chat help in overcoming barriers to communication. For example, it is much easier to text if one is not confident during conversations. Texting is one of the best approaches for building interpersonal relationships. The sociability and personal nature of text and chat helps in establishing and building interpersonal relationships. Most mobile devices come with the option of storing text and chat history, which offers an opportunity to revisit the details of the process of communication. Overall, texting and chatting is quick and easy, cheap, portable and eliminates communication difficulties associated with dialogue.

Despite convenience, text and chat messages have disadvantages since they tend to compromise reliability and versatility. There are numerous advantages associated with texting and chatting. The limitation is that text and chatting are only used by young people who have knowledge of using mobile devices. When intending to communicate with older people, text and chatting may not be appropriate because of difficulties in the language used in chat and texts. The next disadvantage associated with text and chat is that it does allow rich media content, which implies communication constraints. The fourth disadvantage involves the psychological and social implications of using text messages and chatting, this is because they are usually addictive. Addiction means that they are likely to consume a greater part of one’s time, which in turn affects individual productivity. For instance, social sites such as face book and twitter are extremely addictive among young people, and one is likely to fall in the trap of being online and the urge to communicate with friends instead of engaging in daily important activities. The potential danger that might provoke me to rethink of my decision to text involves their addictive nature. This is because addiction to texting and chatting serves to compromise individual productivity.

In conclusion, texting and chatting is extremely convenient since it is quick and easy, cheap, portable and eliminates communication difficulties associated with dialogue. In addition, text and chatting helps in the creation and sustaining of interpersonal relationships. Despite these advantages, texting and chatting has disadvantages including its limitation to the young generation, absence of rich media content, and addiction. Therefore, it is important for one to regulate the usage of text and chat in order to avoid negative impacts on productivity.


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