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For a long time now, people from Mexico have crossed the border illegally and entered the United States.  Among the major reasons why these problems of illegal immigrants from Mexico into the United States are the fact that Mexico has close proximity to the United States and the disparity of the quality of life between these two countries with the kind of life in the US being admirable to the Mexicans. The majority of the immigrants hail from poor families and regions in Mexico and sneak into United States to attain the 'American Dream' as referred to by many, a job opportunity regardless of whether it had a low wage or not and a better life. The united states noted a high increase of the Mexican immigrants into the US and these people were not coming from a single region but rather their sources of origin were distributed all over Mexico. No matter how genuine the reasons for migrating from Mexico to the United States may seem to be, Illegal immigration is wrong and should not be condoned at any time or instance. Individuals wishing to travel to the US must stick to the required procedures and obtain the necessary paperwork. They must fill the visa application completely and other requirements and if an individual enters the US without these, then they have committed a criminal offense. This is punishable through bans, fines or even incarceration. There those individuals from Mexico who undergo the necessary procedures to gain a ticket to travel to the United States and this is indeed the way to go for all wishing to achieve the 'American Dream' in one way or another.

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The illegal immigration to the United States from Mexico is has a negative impact to the Americans despite being an illegal thing. As stipulated by Steven Camarota, the immigrants from Mexico are devastatingly unskilled, as a result making an economic argument on such people is hard based on the fact that they tend to lower the minimum wages paid for cheap labor as was the case in the US in the 1990s. At the time the Mexican immigrants were said to have reduced the wages of the people who didn't have a high school education by more than 5 percent. The contemporary America offers few opportunities for unskilled workers and therefore increased immigrations will worsen the situation by increasing the size of the unskilled masses (poor and uninsured) that contribute less towards the building of the national economy not forgetting that the cheap labor increases the general cost. It has been proved that over ten million American citizens who fail to attain a high school degree are subjected to unnecessary competition by the unskilled immigrants from Mexico. This is because it has been proven that the majorities of these immigrants from Mexico (two thirds) have not gone through the high school level of education and can only work in the informal work sector.

Another saddening fact about these Immigrants that move to the United States from Mexico is that despite the fact that they make up to 4.2 percent of the total population in the United States, these people together with the children (below 18 years of age) constitute 10.2% of the population that is living under extreme poverty and about 12.5% of the citizens that are not covered by a health insurance. This does not exempt the Mexicans who have lived in the United States for more than twenty years whose tenure and are legal citizens of the US, more than half of them are leading a poor quality livelihood or something close to that and more than 30% of these people do not have health insurance. Based on these facts, it beats logic that the argument that these people go to the United States to search for a better life and hence the illegal immigration from Mexico to the US is not justified in anyway. The few who migrate from Mexico to the United States on legal basis in most cases are skilled workers and these go and secure a good job that earn them a good life hence achieving their 'American dream' because they can afford the good life as well as a health insurance, another reason why the immigration should be stopped by all means.

It is also saddening to note that about 34%  legal Mexican households and about 25%  illegal Mexican households utilized at least a single welfare program each even after the reform of the welfare. This is a major contrasting issue based on the fact that only 15% of the local or native households benefited from the welfare program. Worse to note , even today, the legal Mexican immigrants whose stay in the United States exceeds more than twenty years exceed the natives when it comes to the use of the welfare by about a double frequency.  This is indeed unfair to the Native Americans who are in genuine need of these welfares but are denied the access by the Mexican immigrants who in most cases are illegal immigrants. This is one of the issues that prove that indeed the illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States continues to hurt not only the economy of the United States in general, but also individual lives of the minority who do not have the prestigious life that is being enjoyed by the majority.

Border control

Illegal immigration across the border between the US and Mexico has been a common phenomena for several years. The immigration fuelled by the difference in living standards between the people living in US and Mexico. Basically it is the poor Mexican who desires to make their lives better in the US. Larger populations of the Mexicans are living below line therefore threatening the stability of migration with which has recently grown too high. The illegal migration may also be caused by the poor pay that workers in the Mexican cities and towns endure. The joblessness in the country is far from reaching control therefore their rescue is to find better paying jobs in the United States. The legal immigrants are beneficial to the government since it improves the welfare other countries therefore accomplishing its mission making the world a better place. The students studying the in US will not improve the image of the country but will become the ambassadors of the US globally.

But according to statistics, their mass immigration might pose a treat to the nation security especially after the September 11, 2001. Loose border could endanger the security of the nation at the expense of the illegal migrants who are not ready to follow border rules.  The United State is a prosperous nation and covered frequently in the global arena therefore creating both friends and enemies. Nevertheless the main reason for immigration is to improve to improve personal welfare. According the borderline information, the Mexican is prone to sneaking some weapons through the border. Recently, some guns were from Mexican citizen who plea through the border to the United States. The spies also found some Mexicans used by terrorists to accomplish their mission against the US Citing the recent alleged strike on the US port that caused havoc.

The national security report also shows some alarm that is caused by non Mexican immigrants. The immigrants through the country consist of 31 percent of immigrants from other countries a part from the Mexico. Mexico has got varying security details along the border against Guatemala and Belize. Belize border is quite in order but the worry lies along the Guatemala border there are many incidence of illegal immigration. The illegal immigrants then find their way to the United States   some report shows that Mexico is the new transit point for immigrants headed to US. They come as far as the Middle East through the Mexican border and eventually into US unconditionally whether for a good reason or having other hidden agendas.  Basically the social and economic welfare of the US citizen is a major concern as the illegal immigrants attract terrorist and other forms of illicit behaviors that are negative to the national social structure. 

Immigrants are blamed for their irresponsible of taking with them illegal substances such as drug when they already know it is illegal In the US. The border along the US and Mexico has government land that is occupied by the wildlife therefore making it hard for  the patrol by police but it makes an easy drive for the drug dragons. The effects of drugs abuse is also in the sharp increase as a lot more are sniggled through the border which actually a setback in fighting the drug. According a survey more young engage in the use of drugs as compared to the years back when the rate of immigration was low. The government should engage in breaching out the gap as the problem, is endangering the population as the consequences of the drug abuse are evident for example the widespread gangs and irresponsible youth. 

Various activities by the government of the United States have converged in a compromising situation where the inspection carried out along the border between but the solution is not anyway near the end. The politic rages in the Mexico play an important and as per the report by the war army; essentially the problem can be worsening if the dictatorship is allowed to rule over. Critics of the dictatorial rule in the Mexico are always disturbed by changes by the political scenes in the country with reputed claims that there might be a return to the older days where immigration was a serious problem between the two countries (Skinner 5).

The cross border affair is seriously an immigration crisis especially when the two countries fail to cooperate. There are possibilities that both the countries cold suffer from setback basically because of the foreigners using Mexico a as the transit zone to the US. Basically the economies of the two countries may swindle due to turmoil over issues such insecurity and unplanned for population. Response by the US to close it borders is noble ideas as it is a remedy to the illegal immigration problem therefore saving them a mess in controlling the influx in the near future.

The Mexican border with Guatemala is the worse experience that the Mexican authorities have to tackle as a crisis otherwise continuous opening will allow criminals to access the US easily causing more threat to the citizens who already have fear of terrorism. The immigration issue between the US and Mexico should be treated with interest for both countries and their citizens. Foreigner coming to US illegal should be barred completely to increase security among between the neighboring countries. Otherwise the US government should deal with them with stern regulations.


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