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Roger Ebert argues that film criticism is a matter of subjective opinion. There are many films that are thought to be great but there are some people who didn't feel the greatness of even the most reputed films of all times. And this is true too that there is only one thing we can never be wrong about, that is our own opinion and criticism is a good thing because it makes us open.

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Roger Ebert argues that Christopher Nolan has successfully made the film he had in his mind and has not failed in this purpose. He likes the film "Inception" because of its originality and creativity. He believes that the film depends on the conceit that you can think your way into someone else's dream with your own intelligence. 

According to Ebert, the film review should be reasonable. The criticism should be objective and independent of the fact that others agree with it or not. He also points out that criticism should not be done just for the sake of criticism and to grasp the attention of readers rather there should be a solid base for it. Critics should not take the criticism as personal attack and should respect other's opinions. It is not necessary that everyone should be happy if you are. In persuasive writing the writer communicates to the readers by focusing on their deepest concerns. The writer should reasonably state his arguments to capture the readers concerns.

Db 9 Invention Lab: Describe a common editing concern you have (passive voice, apostrophes, commas, fragments) and how the chapter you selected from helped clarify any questions you had.

I face difficulty in writing commas and apostrophes at the right place in the sentence. I selected a chapter i.e. ELEMENTARY RULES OF USAGE from the website and found it helpful in answering my questions satisfactorily. I had a question that why we use apostrophe's 'with possessions but in some cases we don't follow these rules. The chapter has clarified my question and I found that where there are exceptions in the possessives of ancient proper names we change them e.g. Moses' laws is replaced by the laws of Moses.


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