Free Living in North Texas Now vs. 1900's Essay Sample

I reside in an apartment in Valley Ranch, Irving.  My neighborhood is zoned for multifamily and backs up to an exclusive gated community with a country club and golf course. Valley Ranch has about 30,000 residents, and at least 21 multi-family residences. The locality has 8 neighborhoods with roughly 138 business units as well as restaurants. The region has modern transport and sporting infrastructure, as well as contemporary learning institutions Carol. Additionally, there are several dentists’ and doctors’ offices as well as pets’ veterinary clinics.

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In contrast, my grandmother grew up in a single-family home off Forrest Avenue in Dallas, TX in the 1930’s. Despite being the climax of the great depression, the 1930s Dallas had a flourishing construction business. This was attributable to the discovery of oil in Kilgore, eastern Dallas. Consequently, Dallas became the focus of the oil industries, with many of those operating in Gulf Coast, Oklahoma, and Texas preferring to be headquartered in the city. During the Second World War, Dallas was chosen as a major manufacturing center of military equipments. Therefore, despite the boom of mid-thirties, life in Dallas, as with most part of the country, became difficult. Improvement of the leaning institutions and recreational facilities stalled, as the government opted to channel a major portion of the available resources towards the war campaign.

Present day Valley Ranch is a better environment for raising children. There are at least 5 child daycare facilities which lay the basis of a kid’s educational future. Additionally, here are two main school districts: Coppell and Carrollton Farmers Branch. These, together with luxuriantly landscaped walkways and scenic canal walkways, improve the lifestyle in this neighborhood. This has made Valley Ranch attractive to both males and females, and their ratio is almost 1:1. Lastly, the locality is home to individuals from all over the world who peacefully coexists. On the contrary, Asians, and other minorities, were hardly found in Valley Ranch.


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