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Free My Life Story Essay Sample

It was at dusk that the cries of a bouncing baby boy tore into the air, accompanied by voices of women singing merrily at the arrival of a new life. This marked the birth of Mohamed Sanjari the last born in the family of four, the land of Lebanon. As the last born in our family, much pride   followed me since everybody regarded as me a rare jewel. Aware of the value attached to me ensured growing up was hiccup free as everything was done for and my duty was to ask for everything to be done at no cost.

Time came to toddle my way to kindergarten school, prompting my father to take up responsibility and see me through enrolment. Reminiscing; this was the first pace to the completion of the journey of education. Father took me by the arm and hit the meandering road to kid’s valley school. Miss Ahmed received us on a red carpet it cost my father a few sentences to make the teacher led me to a seat next to the window. Hardly had I sat a minute, father dug into his pockets made some payment as he departed thereafter. It pained me to see him past the gate as tears trickled down my cheeks.

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After schooling through high school and tertiary institutions, I earned an entitlement to live an adult life. This entitlement welcomed me to the dating scene where I met my fiancée Sheila Hassan. On my usual evening walks I landed my eyes on a lady who appealed to my eyes because of her priced cleavage, long black hair, slim and unmistakably learned. I ran after her as my heart throbbed like the Zaka Zulu African drums. It took me kilo joules of energy and bravery to pass her my greetings. She took a dramatic glance on me, but responded in the sweetest voice the world has ever produced. In a spur of a moment, we were deeply entangled in a heartbreaking exchange.

We finally had our way to a flashy joint that neighbored our meeting place for purposes of having a cup of coffee. Our talks were not an interview but a good volley back and forth. Our talks yielded fruit as she conferred her name to me, as followed suit. The talks were cut short by her hurriedness in order to get to her aunt’s place before it got too late to leave. It ended with the exchange of contact numbers and myriad promises of making calls and paying frequent visits to the spot we met.

Our love grew strong and stronger. This was aided by sending and receiving of gifts and daily calls. Though, in distant places, our faithfulness and loyalty paid to our vows, made the relationship transcend boundaries of infidelity, superiority complex that is brought about by wanting to have many lovers and left us firmly embedded in the love affair. On her annual visits to Lebanon, we shared happy moments that included swimming, playing tennis, and touring places with serene ambience for to get to the hearts of each other.

Four years; the period it took to plan my marriage, instill trust, prove my worth and finally tie the knot with Sheila Hassan then got commissioned to call her my better half. It was in the marriage that I learnt the cost of responsibility and the trauma of being away from the family hence my decision to leave Lebanon for the United States of America. Additionally, I wanted to pursue my dreams and make it to different heights with regard to my childhood dream. This even summarized better by Gustay Stressemann when he said that a child is the father of man, so impressions of youthful age, remain very vivid in adult hood.

The search for greatness is the ultimate goal of each youth, and I wanted to acquire education, there after a job, then develop myself to enable me stay next to my wife and family. Luckily enough I got a job at a gas station. This first job built me financially catapulting me into entrepreneurship. I started my own business (a clothing store). This premises helped me raise school fees that saw me enroll a master’s degree in accounting; unfortunately, enough accounting was not a lucrative job for me because it was an office job. I had to listen to my instincts; I wanted to be out interacting and offer possible assistance to the people. Re-examining my interests, I resorted to the law enforcement department which has assisted me put my heart into the job and draw happiness from it. The job of sheriff in LA has been most enjoyable and has made my cup of tea for a long time.

Ups and downs: is the art of life, soaked and drenched in the bitter waters of life I have only been keen to safeguard and protect my ego not to be shattered. The lowest moment was when I was bereaved of a father. The demise of a parent who took me to school, due to a tragic road accident left me loathe the use of cars and avoided them for some time. According to the pathologist’s report the old man died due to internal bleeding. He, the old man, was laid to rest at his home with thousands of mourners in attendance. The leadership of dad, his wise counsel and his wonderful ways of endearing himself to people will be fondly missed by relatives and friends.

As if one thing leads to another, mischief stalked me not knowing what to do what to avoid. My business rammed into making losses leading to its eventual closure and forfeiture. This halt in business prompted me to strain the little resources within my reach causing adverse effects in my life. Dependent on lean incomes, the option of changing lifestyle became my last resort. I totally cut down on luxuries, and concentrated more on meeting my needs that man cannot do without, for examples, clothing, food and water. The measures to curb my ailing economy did not yield any fruit, but left me loose and had to be declared bankrupt.

My plight did not lessen eve an inch but rather haunted me and broke my ties with Sheila the love of my heart. I was flying from the frying pan into the fire. My desire was to have kids, but Sheila was callous with her and wanted to take her education to a different level. It will be humiliating to hurl insults at her for just a small single mistake that deserves forgiveness because the error is too human but to forgive is divine. I have since learnt to overcome hardships and triumph in life.

Truly Sheila was a good woman who stood by me whenever I faced hard times; she became my fortress when danger thirsted for my life. Had it not been, because of her, I was to have resorted making of irrational decisions that were to have cost me life. After going through the hottest furnace, I meditated about my future and worked hard to forget the past, improve the present and step into the future with more optimism and positivity.

Happiness is the key to success, and I love what I am doing now. I also harbor much hope of becoming most successful in my tomorrow, and embark on fulfilling my desire to assist people who need my help also transform lives.


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