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There are many forms and issues of organizational violence. This is a broad problem that may involve the abuse, threatening, assaulting or intimidation of employees of an organization. An increased number of organizations have been involved in violence of different kinds, and this has made it necessary for organizations to find the means by which the violence may be prevented. The fact that organizational violence is associated with an increased number of losses of resources, time, and image of the organization, has made organizations to stem out the ways by which violence can be stopped. This paper considers the issue of strikes within the context of organizational violence.

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Strikes by employees may be looked at as mass action by the members of an organization against a policy, practice or an issue that they are not in agreement with. It may take the form of violent strikes which cause much damage. The workers in this case will be involved in destroying property and shunning away from work during the period of strike.

Strikes often involve workers dissatisfied with the way the things are managed; they usually demonstrate their complaint of unacceptable behavior of management. In this regard, strikes often are an expression of the feelings and dissatisfaction of workers within an organization. Strikes may include physical actions by the employees, such as kicking, destroying items, hitting, and use of obscenity among others.

The strikes in organizations may be minimized when management team of the respective organization gives attention to the plights of their staff.  Updating the administration practices may also be important to prevent strikes. In addition, developing an effective workplace design, for example, the use of adequate exterior lighting, fencing the workplace environment and setting electronic surveillance among others, may be important in solving the issues of organizational violence.


All in all, it is important to create an appropriate environment to protect the organization from the losses which may be caused by the strikes.


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