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It is true that the world and people acknowledge the work of the great men. The question people do not answer is whether these heroes were extraordinary born. Every human being has a humble beginning as a newborn baby whose future is very uncertain.

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Daily activities of the average people have a significant impact on the course of history

Repetition of ordinary people everyday activities has encouraged the discovery of some theories and laws. The law of demand and supply in economics is one of the evident that ordinary people have impact on history. In the industries, the works of the lowly paid workers build the industries or else breakdown in services is unavoidable. How people make a living can bring largest economies in the earth to their knees thus influencing the course of history.

Some history makers like Martin Luther, Hitler, Barack Obama, and Bill gates were just ordinary people who have significantly influenced the history. Every political ideology or intellectual theories in the world can trace their existence to participation or observation in everyday actions of people. In America, average people supported the movement to put an end to slavery, and they fought for the American Revolution. These people have the power of unity and when utilized well can build a successful history or leave a bad one. In the bible, we realize our ordinary individuals change the course of events.


People's activities influence the course of the history, simple activities like eating keep us alive thus make history. If people would stop them then the human species would be extinct, and consequently end of history. The activities change the course of the history, either in a good or in a bad why. The history is a making for all whether great or small and I wish we could recognize and appreciate everyone actions for the history we have and will leave behind.


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