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Indeed it is very true that the experience is the best teacher. This applies not only to fools, but also to people with extensive pride. Sometimes it is better to feel a certain experience on yourself, than to listen of such an experience from another person. Before the experience I had, I had never believed that one day I can come from something to nothing and put aside my pride to face the situation the way it is. Such things were like dreams or stories to me that never  come true if this situation would not happened. 

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In Jan 2008, my former company, where I used to work, carried out a major retrenchment exercise. This exercise came as a surprise to most of us in the company. I had joined the company seven years down the line and got married while working in that company. Unfortunately, my name appeared on the list of employees to be retrenched. Trust me, we were sent home without any prior notification. The big problem is that I was the sole breadwinner back at home for my family with two children. Life became tough for me since I could no longer meet my monthly bills in the place where I was staying by then. After some few months, all my savings and resources got exploited and after that I had only one embarrassing and intimidating option on my side which was to take my whole family back to that small room in my mothers’ house where I used to stay before I got a job and got married.

This option came after several thoughts, blames and frustrations. I felt like a failure in life incapable of providing for my family. I was an independent individual full of pride, but I had to swallow the bitter facts at that moment and ask help from my mother. I felt so ashamed in front of my children due to my hopeless situation. I contacted mother, explained everything to her and fortunately she accepted all of us to move back to that small room in her house. That is where we stayed for three good years after which I found a job at my present place of work. This experience will remain forever in my mind with a great life lesson. I have realised that I have to put aside my pride when my family and I in a helpless situation and I just have to take love, faith and support from my relatives in order to overcome hard times.


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