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Complaints have from time in memorial emerged from the workplace. Many employees complain of unfair situation at the work place claiming that they receive little pay at the expense of their services to the company or organization. There have always been protests for better pay. Many say that they lack motivation to work because of poor pay. Does it mean that the bosses are always unfair? Is anybody taking advantage of the other at the work place? While that may be true, some cases are negligence by the employees. They simply do not love what they do. However, this essay seeks to focus on some people who love their jobs.

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Well, the world can be a dangerous place to be not because of those who do wrong but because of those who look on and do nothing. These were words of a German scientist called Albert Einstein. The motivation to work is not depended on external drive but an inner self drive. Some people love their jobs because they have a sense of purpose. They do not do their job because someone is forcing them to. Looking for monetary motivation may not be a good aspect in determining the level of our commitment at work.

The reason why some people love their jobs is because of the fact that they are motivated from within to do so. These people have some specific goals in their lives that they want to accomplish. They know that whatever they do, they do it for themselves and not for somebody else. This is what drives them and hence they love doing their job. Internal motivators are the best incentives to propel the dreams and ambitions of a person.

For instance, if someone wants to work to buy a house for his family, they will tirelessly work to achieve that. Some people love their jobs because they have such like incentives. When people do their work without being pushed, then they do really love their job. This is unlike the people who wait on external motivators. Having a sense of purpose makes people love their jobs.


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