Free Future Lifestyle Changes Essay Sample

There are varied number of changes in technology, political, economic and climate that the globe is experiencing. The change effects are many and are likely to affect my life and family. I expect technology to make my life easier in days to come. This could be done by cutting down on subsequent technological expenses and conflict. I expect the future technology for example, to offer me free energy. I expect my energy consumption bill to be delivered only once not every month. The energy may it be cosmological or electro magnetic, I expect the future technological advancements to offer batteries that never run out; batteries that keep running and make my life easier. I am expecting the future technology to have a high speed carter; transport system that for instance could allow me to work in Osaka and sleep in London. In addition, I expect cure for diseases which are now incurable, soaring cars and a shielding field from technological changes. Such changes will influence my lifestyle and that of others in a positive manner.  

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The changing economic environment restricts my spending life in the future. The emergent of efficient systems of doing work, courtesy of technological change will demand me to have in place better tools to make my work easier. I expect the future to bar me from acquiring them due to bad economic times and changes that I am experiencing economically. The future will only allow me to undertake limited spending due to the bad economy that the future shall be holding. I will be faced by a harder life and this is going to affect my life and family lifestyle towards the negative end. Economic changes will thus make ma future lifestyle uncertain.

My future looks bright to me due to the political stability that the globe is experiencing now. The world population is fighting to end impunity and dictatorial rule. The tyrannical leaders have been brought down and mechanisms have been put in place to limits the number of terms that one can rule a nation. To me this is an indication of a more stable and certain future life for me and my family. From Africa in Tunisia to Egypt, extending to Syria to the United Kingdom and United States of America, the leaders have been forced to account for their mistake which is bringing an end to impunity. This to me creates hope and my future lifestyle seems bright and better to me and my family.

My future lifestyle as far as the climatic and environmental changes are concerned is dull. This is because the climatic changes have altered the seasons; the weather patterns and rainfall as well as snowfall have lessened in some parts and become more than necessary in others. The sun has become hotter and it has already caused more harm in some parts of the globe especially the horn of Africa where people are starving to death due to lack of food as a result of failed rainfall and prolonged drought. Climatic condition changes have threatened my future in a bigger magnitude and due to it; my life and that of my family seem to be doomed.

There a wide changes in technology, economic, political and climate that are being experienced in the world today. Some of these changes are likely to make my future lifestyle easier and enjoyable. The unpleasant changes however, will make my life dull. I expect the future lifestyle to be better under certain developments more so the ones influenced by technology and uncertain under the unstable political and economic times. The climatic and environmental changes are going to make lifestyle uncomfortable.


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