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There is a saying that says that not all happy animals are alike. This is as result happiness is a matter of invention and variation. Animal happiness refers to animal comforts. The signs of animal happiness are the golden retriever gently sloping in the grass, the horse with his nose covered in the oats, the sitting kitty by the fire. Comforts for animals are essential, but there is something more to it; a power for satisfactions that emanate from work in the fullest logic.

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It is a contentment that, like the artist's, must emanate from something within the animal, a thing trainers call "talent." This article shows a direct link between animal's contentment and its rights. Thomas Jefferson clarified that the capacities for contentment as one of the three basic rights on which every other are based: "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  

This article identifies that there is an idea that rights advocates have a point, but take it to the extreme when they unshackle snails or charge that goldfish at the county light are suffering. However, the concern lies with how they got it all wrong.  People perceive that animal's rights were based on preventing them from needless suffering. It is revealed that people who assert to advocate for animal rights are more and more devoted to the thought that keeping of a dog or a charger or a gerbil or a lion is in and of itself a wrongdoing.

The more noisily they speak the less probable they are to be in a rights association with any given animal. Clearly, no one can make an animal contented more than the owner, whom he can know the association. Only the animal's possessor has the power to obey him, to abide by who he is and what is capable of, intensely enough to give him rights and open up the prospect.


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