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It has become a norm to encounter people multitasking in these three vital parts of social life. A variety of reasons underlie one's decision to work full-time, study full-time and balance all these with their family lives. Amongst the factors that force one to adopt this lifestyle are financial constraints and the need to finish school early. We are, therefore, going to look at, in detail, how difficult it is for one to balance such a demanding lifestyle.

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The biggest challenge in such a lifestyle is managing one's time. One is always struck with a dilemma on whether to prioritize which and lessen which. They all demand a hundred percent attention of which it is practically impossible. For example, working full-time and attending classes subjects one to a great deal of exhaustion coupled with the long hours of reading for exams and dealing with too much workload. This is an inevitable dilemma that such persons face in their day-to-day activities.

The hours one devotes to schoolwork, paid work imply that one's family life is undermined.  For instance, youth who are married and practice such a tight schedule are more likely to encounter family-related problems as they rarely make enough time to look in to their social lives. Too much preoccupation, with one part costs the other two parts. Such people do not have time for friends and family as they are glued to developing their career lives at the expense of their all-important social lives.

Juggling family life, studies, and work is not a walk in the park. It demands big sacrifices, commitment, and good time-management skills, of which most youth of our age lack. At home, one has to deal with the usual house chores. On the other hand, he/she has homework to handle. Young parents, for instance, have to ensure that their children are well catered for, helped with their homework, have their laundry done and other childcare-related responsibilities. All these, in addition to their schoolwork, drain them both physically and mentally.

It has been noted that such people rarely have time for physical exercises and other recreational activities. Due to their busy school, work, and family schedules, they do not have time for engaging in activities that make them physically fit. The result is, very unhealthy lifestyle, which has underlying causes to lifestyle-related diseases. A considerable time in the gym can go a long way for a student. This helps in easing the stress accumulated in the three spheres of life.

It is hard for colleges, and employers to adjust their daily schedules in order to incorporate the interests of such groups, that is, they do not consider their programs and activities being undertaken simultaneously on full-time. Therefore, for one to try to handle all these three means that their quality is compromised. Tasks in all these spheres accumulate and more often than not spread over. Dealing with such instances therefore, is a challenge especially when one's schedule is conflicting. For instance, one can be forced to stay awake overnight in order to clear some pending schoolwork and at the same time faced by some deadline to beat at his/her place of work.

Another big challenge is dealing with rigid schoolwork and uncompromising employer. Most employers set timeframe and expectations to fit their interests and for their own convenience. Schools, on the other hand, have fixed schedules. It is, therefore, up to one's disgrace to decide whether to adjust them to fit into these rigid schedules.


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