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This paper describes an organization in its environment, and issues that are currently significant to the organization. Additionally, it looks at the roles, and shows how they are closely related to the main purpose of the organization as stated in the organization’s vision and mission. This organization is called Youth Clubs North, and it is a charity organization with the aim of supporting young people all over northern England. This is achieved through providing outdoor education in a residential site called Caxton house outdoor center, which offers these young people an experience of the outdoors in a managed and controlled setting.  The success of this centre is achieved through excellent provision of the product immediately after the arrival of clients, and deployment of the word of mouth. In order to understand how the centre operates in the outdoors education industry, development plans that are smart should be produced so that the organization can be effective and efficient in the provision of outstanding results for its customers.

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The organization in its environment

The organization that is effective has devices that are integrating, and that are reliable to diversity of its environment. When the environment is diverse, the organization is more differentiated, and the integrating devices become more elaborated. In the environment of the organization, it is crucial to state out the aim and objectives of the organization in order members within the organization are in a position to work towards a specific goal. The roles of the director should be outlined so that he or she can work towards them for development of the organization. The steps of how the organization works is vital since it assist in effectiveness and efficiency of the organization when carrying its duties. Financial aspect concerning the organization is also beneficial in order to budget how it is going to fund the entire project, as well as their future existence. The environment of the organization is as follows:

a)      The aim and objectives of the organization

The core aim and objective of this organization is to support the young generation by providing outdoor education, which assist them in acquiring experience in their life. It also promote socialization among the young people since they are able to meet different people with different ideas and hence acquire more useful ideas the that can be of help in their life. The organization should, therefore, mainly work on delivering quality services to the young people. In order to solve the turnover problem of the employers who deliver these services to the young people in the organization, the organization should come up with a system whereby employees are remunerated well, as this is the chief motivating factor in the organization. Moreover, the company’s human resources division can come with a policy of promotion and retrenchment. This would encourage employees to give their all to the organization as they know that after a certain period of time they will be rewarded with a promotion. Job security creates a sense of belonging to an organization.

b)      The environment in which the organization works

This organization works in two different environments. The first environment is called the near environment, which is also known as the internal environment. The second environment is called the future environment or the external environment. Two models; porters five forces and porters value chain analyze these two environments so as to improve its efficiency. The near environment centers on the issues that the organization can influence with the Porters five chain forces model concentrating on making the organization maintain and establish advantage in competition. Porter’s value chain, on the other hand, concentrates on the organization’s internal operations.

Using of the two models as the outline for the processes are carried out in the organization allows the team members predict the organization operates in its environment. Additionally, the models can help in finding out areas that weak; hence coming up with strategic plans that can improve these areas.    External environment is not highly specific and mostly put in to consideration things that are unnecessary in the control of the organization. To facilitate production of appropriate and useful situations in the future environment, models should also be used that makes the external operation work effectively.

c)      The role of the operation director in the organization

The director of the organization facilitates the development of operations according to the strategic framework. He or she supervises everyday operations within the organization, and hence making sure that the team members offer quality services to all clients of the organization. This is achieved by the hierarchical structure and the management team of the organization. This ensures that all the duties of the organization are equally distributed among all the members; hence facilitating efficiency in the organization. The director also improves the strength of the organization; see the available opportunities that can be of help to the organization, make improvement to the weaknesses facing the organization, and wipe out all the threats that can cause failures to the company. This is achieved by the help of the other management team.

d)      Finance in the organization

Since this is a charity organization, it is, therefore, essential to utilize all the monies created from the service provided so as to continue supporting the young people, which is the core aim of the organization. Budgeting is crucial in this organization so as to maintain its well being and its existence in the future. Basically, the basic technique used in budgeting is financial planning, financial control and finally financial decision making. Planning involves allocating finances to profitable projects while financial control involves the role of manger ensuring that the assets are utilized effectively. However, decision making may require the involvement of different department since this is the most sensitive part in financial management. In other words, this section involves financing of investment in order to ensure future security and reducing financial shock. In ensuring security in future finances, techniques such as valuation of portfolio theory, capital structure and hedging are applied.  Additionally, this is to ensure that there are future opportunities of earning as well as reducing financial shock.

Reflective piece

For quality management in an organization important procedures should be followed. For instance, strict supervision should be carried out in the organization so that all the activities within the organization are running smoothly. Satisfying ways should be practiced to the customers by the supervisor so as to improve the quality of management. Additionally, the person who is in charge of store should also come up with plans that realize the available products. Perfect ways that can impress customers should be learnt through offering quality services to them.

Lack of training or experience, can result to poor performance in places of work, which leads to decline of productivity. The training that employees are given helps them gain the best skills necessary for quality services. Empowerment of employees builds a better relationship between them and their clients, and one of the crucial things is to train them on how to handle the clients or customers. They should handle them in the best way by even when the customer is rude. With some customers being rude and others polite, the workers should have the knowledge on how to handle customers of different type. Employees in the sector of production should also be trained on how to produce products that are of high quality since they will pleas the buyers.

A skillful and victorious leader should be decisive through his or her entire process of decision making. This should be followed with self confidence especially in the difficult circumstances. As a result, the subordinates will be instilled confidence that will help them handle tough situations. A leader is supposed to humble to all people even to his or her subordinates, and occasionally make some time to socialize with the other members in the organization so as to sustain a good working relationship with those other workers who are lower than them. A leader must also be able to work under pressure since showing signs of weakness to the people he or she competes with will definitely affect the organization negatively; hence ruining its progress. To effectively analyze the existing competition, the leader should show interest in both the inside and outside happenings.

 For the well of the organization, an excellent quality management should be strictly upheld. In order to uphold this effective management, one needs leadership skills so as to gain trust and confidence from the people he or she is serving. All people should work together so as to achieve the set goal. Barriers such as culture barriers should not hinder an organization from achieving the set goals and objectives. Such barriers arise from the different cultures existing in a particular locality. Most of the barriers that affect organizations are such as misunderstanding of body language between various people, lack of confidence and trust between people of different cultures and religious beliefs. Consequently, these people with different cultures have different views on how they look at things. This barriers if not eliminated in an organization, they can be the cause of failures in the organization and hence the causing its ineffectiveness.


The organization should use environments that function successfully in the organization, and this is achieved through adopting various strategies and structures. This is because the effectiveness of the environment is based on the appropriateness of the structure and strategies of the organization. Good communication between employers and their employees is also necessary since working as a team in organization leads to its effectiveness. They are able to solve all the problems facing the organizations leading to its success. With the cooperation, they are also able to budget the money available in the organization, ensuring future security.


For the organization to be successful, it must hire the people that are the best and get rid of the others. With the best workers, the organization will be in a position to offer quality services to the few clients available than hiring many who will not benefit the organization. Sessions on training the employers within the industry helps them gain knowledge on the new technological equipments that are quick in offering services. Therefore, the young people will have quality education that will be helpful in their future life. Additionally, financial management skills should be applied in almost every aspect, in life; however, applying these skills and making them work is the issue at hand, and that is affecting many the organizations.


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