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Whenever a written intelligence has to be put on paper, it is of great importance that this intelligence is not a personal one. This intelligence needs to be a corporate product. All the intelligence officers have got a responsibility for anything that leaves the doors of the Intelligence Agency (DOD, 6). It is because of this that the analytical review process has got three stages. This makes sure that the piece has got relevant expertise, is focused on the subject involved and it looks into the concerns of the policy makers. Of the three stages involved in the process, I believe the second process is the most important.

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This stage focuses on the major content of the piece. The reviewer, who is a manager with expertise on the substance and the audience, confirms that in the document there is no confusing technical language. This is important to enable everyone understand the document. This stage also looks into the key points that have been outlined in the document, and makes sure they are clearly argued out with supportive evidence (Patrick, 7). The assertions that have been made are looked into to prove that they have got evidence to support them.  In addition to this, this stage checks on the key drivers and the variables in the piece.  It is in this stage also that any changes that are not consistent with the previous analysis are questioned.  This second stage also seeks to ensure that the policymakers concerns have been addressed and that all the right questions have been asked and information gaps filled (Petersen, 3).

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Basing on the tasks involved in the second stage, it can be said to be the most important of the three because it tackles the bulk of the process. The first is normally a general overview of the piece being presented and the third is simply a proof read of the whole process. Every detail of concern is addressed in this second stage and the intelligence is polished. This stage is what determines the content that will be in that particular piece.


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