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Bed partner assessment is the process by which the sleeping partner is used to help in provision of the details necessary in diagnosing sickness of their partners. In most cases, it is very difficult to detect signs of certain illnesses. This is more so in the diseases affecting the respiratory system characterized by difficulties in snoring. Bed partners remain close together for a long time and therefore can help in provision of the necessary information concerning the victims. This information is very useful in the treatment process.

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Importance of bed partner assessment

Bed partner assessment is a very important practice in the life of the partners. This practice helps in provision of the genuine condition of the victim. For instance, the study carried by Breugelmans G., Ford D., Punjabi N. & Smith P (2004) discussed that the information given by the patients suffering from sleep-disordered breathing was very different from the report given by their bed partners. Most of the patients with sleep-disordered breathing were giving information that rated their life better than what was received from their bed partners. This raises a concern on the judgment of the condition of the patient. There is a need to receive information from both two parties in order to provide the patient with the most appropriate therapy (Breugelmans G., Ford D., Punjabi N. & Smith P 2004). The supplementary information provided by the bed partners becomes useful in this sense.

Bed partner assessment is also very important when a patient is receiving a therapy on certain diseases. For instance, when a patient suffering from Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is undergoing nasal continuous positive airway pressure therapy (NCPAP), the information given by their bed partners becomes very useful (Kiely J. & McNicholas W. 2010). It helps the physicians in administration of the therapy on the patients, it directs on the duration as well as the intensity of administration. The partners provide the details on the progress of the patients.

A current study has shown that when patients of Obstructive sleep apnea receive the continuous positive airway pressure therapy, the qualities of life of their bed partners become better. Therefore, bed partner assessment is very important in improving the well being of the whole family.

When a patient is suffering from sleeping disorders, the events during sleep are very important in his or her treatment. In most cases, patients suffering from sleeping disorders experiences nightmares, awakening an anxiety. They may not be aware of these happenings and therefore the help of a partner comes in (Shneerson 2005).  Physicians may need information concerning the movements of the limbs of the patients while snoring. Patients cannot be able to make such observations though necessary for their treatment. This justifies the importance of the bed partner assessment.


From the above discussion, it can be seen that bed partner assessment is a very vital practice. The assessment helps provides information about a patient which otherwise would not have been available. It helps in improvement of the quality of life of both partners. It is therefore very necessary for the parties involved to participate with full commitment so that they can both benefit. The process involves mutual benefit.


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