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Free Cruising from Dubai to USA Essay Sample

Construction of the ShipIf I was to own a ship, it would have to be a cruise ship. It would transport passengers on round-trip voyages between Dubai and the United States of America. The cruise ship would be engaged in promoting leisure activities, both locally and abroad, to the countries visited. It will have a passenger capacity of a thousand people, measure about 446 ft (136 m) long, and with a tonnage of approximately 155, 000 gross tons. The ship will use electric motors as the source of propelling force. The motors will be attached directly to the propeller shaft and would be powered by generators. Electric propelling systems are more energy efficient when contrasted with systems that the engine is directly connected to the propeller. This will be sufficient to propel the ship for the long voyages across the continents. I will contact the STX Europe shipbuilders in Turku, Finland to construct it; having constructed the largest passenger ship in the world currently, the allure of the seas, I am certain that they will be equal to the task (Gaasbeek, 2007). I will name her The Dubai Magic.Several propellers complemented by bow- and stern-thrusters, will power the Dubai Magic.

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Power is conveyed from the engine to the propeller via a propeller shaft, which is linked to a gearbox. This will give her speeds of approximately25 knots (Gaasbeek, 2007). She will have a bed capacity of 1525; a thousand for passengers and the rest for crew and support staff, and a space for 350 cars. She will be built of wood and metal and the finishing will be such that it depicts a touch of class. This will give sufficient displacement to enable her float. Based on Arena, Schank, & Abbott (2004) the estimated dimensions of darling of the seas will be a length of 964 ft (294m), a beam of 223 ft (68 m) waterline, bridge wings of 72 ft (22 m) and a height: 164 ft (50m). There will be four top of the range 20 megawatts electric propellers and extra installed power. The top of the funnel draught (keel) will be approximately 49 ft (15 m) with 12 passenger and 4crew decks. She will be painted blue with stripes of white; blue is my favorite color and besides it symbolizes the clear skies and the sea a perfect environment for cruising and enjoying the voyage. White symbolizes peace; something that will be guaranteed for everyone aboard the Dubai magic.

The Dubai magic will be fueled using bunker fuel; sometimes referred to as heavy fuel oil or No. 6 fuel oil. This is a petroleum-associated fuel obtained from distillation of crude oil. It is composed of unrefined residues of the distillation process. Fuel costs accounts for about 47% of the voyage costs; hence, the need to use bunker fuel, which is affordable, easy to store, and widely available (Stopford, 2009). In line with the environment conservation and reduction of carbon emissions, Dubai magic will specifically use low sulfur content bunker oil, which, although, it is a little expensive, it is cleaner, and reduces air pollution. Besides, this will be in agreement with the International Maritime Organization and governments' policies to cut sulfur content of ship fuels to less than 3.5 percent by January 2012 and eventually to less than 0.1 by January 2015. Services and Amenities Dubai Magic will offer the top of the range service; in fact, the best service ever in the cruise ship industry.

It will be much more like a floating five-star hotel, with an inclusive hospitality staff on top of the usual ship's crew. Numerous services and amenities will be offered to all the clients using our ship. The dining services will be organized such that the cruisers have two dinner services and breakfast per day but the restaurants will remain open to allow them to dine any time of the day. There will be different dining suites for various types of people aboard including specialty bistros that will be accessed subject to pre-booking and cover charges. There will be three buffet-style refectories, open throughout the day and with varying carte du jour to provide repasts and snacks. I will hire top-notch chefs and best culinary expertise in order to actualize this objective.Services in the entertainment will also be incorporated in the ship.

She will have a nightclub, theatre, bars and cinema halls. There will be a panorama bar where the patrons will enjoy their drinks while enjoying the breeze and beautiful view of the ocean. The dancing palace will give room for the cruisers to dance away to the enjoyment while the nightclub will provide fun all night long. Additionally, there will be a casino bar where the interested revelers will wheel away their time. The cruisers will pay for these extra indulgences such as alcoholic drinks and gambling, as they will not be included in the cruise fares. There will be a policy proscribing cruisers from taking aboard and consuming their own alcohol while on-board the ship. Duty-free alcohol procured by the cruisers will be is sealed and only handed back to passengers when they get off the ship. The cinema and theatre halls will provide entertainment though movie shows and live acting performances and shows by various comedians and actors. Shopping is another vital service that will feature in the Dubai Magic.

There will be a duty-free supermarket, color, fashion and perfume shops. There will be also a jewelry shop and regular shops open only when the ship is at sea. Dubai magic will also have a curio shop where various arts, music, and souvenirs will be displayed and sold to promote various cultures of the world. She will also incorporate indoor and outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, lounges, gym, library, spa and fitness centre. Further, there will be a central conference hall for hosting any meeting and events in the ship. Other facilities will include ice-skating rink, basketball court, tennis court, rock climbing wall, video arcade, diminutive golf course, and a bowling alley.The most important aspect of the ship will be ensuring that comfort class and standards are met.

Comfort class is a methodical assessment of the comfort on various kinds of ships. The class is controlled set information giving comfort restrictions on noise, vibration, and indoor climate. It is given after complete measurements on board validate that the vessel meets the specified requirements. According to Stopford (2009) the vessels comfort standard is rated from1 to 3; that is, it ranges from "high" to "acceptable" depending on the vessel type. Dubai magic will undergo all the necessary structural and software fittings to comply with the class notation of 1. Comfort is important for her repute in the market; besides it influences the health of crew and passengers. She will also have the state of the art medical facilities and emergency evacuation amenities such as lifeboats, jackets and a helipad for emergency evacuation using helicopters. Service Providers and AdvertisingThe ship crew will be responsible for providing all the services during the cruise.

They will be engaged for four to six month renewable contracts depending on the length of the cruise and responses from passengers. The crew will be composed of several positions with personnel of different skill levels. Some of the crucial crewmembers are the captain and his deputy, ship engineers, boson, doctors, chefs, cooks, attendants-clubs, shops and rooms, and trainers in various disciplines such as gyms, spas, as well as, musicians and actors. The benefits, allowances, and living arrangements will be based on seniority of the staff. Senior crewmembers will be allocated single cabins. Others will share-two per cabin with a bath, commode, and a TV set. There will be different amenities for the crew, separate from that of cruisers, such as a fitness center, a crew bar, refectory, and a crew deck with a swimming pool. The number and the level of experience will be determined individually depending on the post.Advertising for the Dubai Magic cruise will be done on television, print and other broadcast media.

The unrivalled prices and best comfort class will be the main selling points for my cruise line. I will create Dubai Magic advertising company charged with advertising and marketing the cruise line. We will design elegant and insightful onboard offerings and launch brand campaign intended to show the deluxe, intimate nature of its ships and the intrigues of the world destinations we will sail. The campaign messages will be carried out in print media especially in newspapers, magazines, and journals. Further, there will be spirited campaign in the television as well as rolling out sponsorships to various sectors in the sports to attract the top-of-the range individuals who can afford these cruises; the target will be formula one and golf competitions. The television advertising campaign will feature various breathtaking snapshots that depict the unique kind of genuine, participatory fun unleashed on a Dubai magic cruise. Other advertising methods will include developing a comprehensive one-stop website that gives all the information related to cruise and offering discounts. Advertising over the television has been proven to produce immense increase on the sales of the cruise and targets a wide range including individuals, families, and travel agents.

In conclusion, the cruise industry is evolving rapidly; it is one of the major areas of tourism attraction. To keep up with the changes, a company must increasingly promote and position their brand to enable the customers identify and choose their products more easily. In a cruise ship, accommodation and resort facilities comprise 75% of the ship with the remainder being devoted to operations. This demonstrates the importance of a well designed and built comfortable top-of-the range cruise ship like the Dubai Magic.


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