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The motivation to enroll into the XYZ program stems from a number of reasons. First, I work in the Ministry of Finance where I have been involved in the decision-making process. With my partition, in policy-making in areas of finance and economics, I am keen on how to employ various concepts of finance and economy in these processes. With the utilization of various concepts in modeling of financial and economic problems, I am interested in finding the best approaches that can be employed to handle economic and financial and issues. Most important, I intend to use my research work to acquire a better understanding of political issues that are related to financing and economy. My understanding of an economics and financial aspects of issues will be of immense help to me during my work, as well as enabling me to exhibit improved awareness on the impact of financial decision.

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The potential impact of my studies also reinforces my application for this program. With my country being considered as one of the developing countries, I have significant interests in how I can provide sound financial and economic solutions that will spur developing and stimulate national prosperity. More specifically, I want to explore how to use monetary policies, financial instruments, and investment among other tools, to improve the performance and sound use of resources. In addition, my interest in research work looks to address problems in the allocation of scarce resources in various development projects. As a result of such research, I am confident that my country will be in a position to plan, allocate and use resources in the best way.

My interest to streamline policy issues underscores my research interest in economics and finance. With a desire to improve policy and making, I am interested in using learned concepts to analyses and report on critical development indexes that I can use to renovate policy-making in my country. Certainly, my research interest reiterates my desire to enroll in XYZ program.


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