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“Friendship is the relationship between friends; feeling or relationship that friends have; the state of being friends” (“Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary”). According to Grieve, camaraderie is a condition of being a friend, i.e. the involvement of friends. Friendship is a state of having an association with another person that is attributed to the individual choice and decision in order to be the part and parcel of this. Friendship, thus, cannot thrive into the success if the parties involved have not voluntarily made the choice of getting included and being the part of it. As a mutual agreement between two parties, friendship is dependent on the part of performance of each of those ones involved towards the common success and enjoyment. It is, thus, essential that all the parties perfectly play their part for the friendship to thrive. Friendship is based on the practical behavior and associations. Friendship is a companionship that exists between two or more parties being dependent on the respective parties that need to stay involved. Friendship, therefore, gives and takes the coexistence.

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Friendship is, on the other hand, definable as a form of interpersonal relationships. It is a condition that is closer than the alliance due to the set of intimacy levels between two statuses. Friendship is a link between two or more persons that is motivated by social ideologies as well as the equity theory and the relational dialectics. In addition, it is explainable by the attachment styles adopted by living things as a form of associations, and it needs to coexist with other members of the same species.

Grieve argues that the friendship value is attributed to the partner demonstration of predisposition to selecting what is being the best issue for the other person; as well as this is the sympathy and understanding on the regular and consistent basis. Honesty between friends is also essential; so a companion should be able always to tell the truth even in such situations that may seem difficult on the consistent rhythm; also, when it comes to pointing out the fault that one has identified. Thus, honesty in friendship is one of the most critical components that ensure the binding strings being stronger.

In addition, friendship is a reciprocated understanding as well as the consideration. This means that friendship is based on the ability to go to each other while looking for an emotional support; this helps to have the assistance. Friendship that lacks the mutual understanding as well as compassion is not qualified as friendship, at all. Furthermore, friendship requires the enjoyment of each other involved. This is a situation, whereby both parties are able to feel free and open towards each other being in the same company. In such case if a friend feels oppressed and lacks the required enjoyment of the friendly unity, the companionship will end with the breakage then. In addition, a friend should have trust to his companion as well as the positive reciprocity; this is a relationship based on giving and taking the approaches between these two parties included. This means that friendship requires for each other to have the respective advantages of enjoyment with such that they are ready to give and receive without any conditions and circumstantial grounding. Friendship is ought to nurture the ability to be oneself instilling the skills to make an expression of one’s feelings as well as the opportunity to make some mistakes without any fear of being judged by a friend. The ability to be oneself is one of the most critical concerns of any human being. This is due to the communication and life skills that are essential in order to coexist with the other persons conveniently.

Friendship is not simple; it is demanding and it requires each of those involved into this relationship to execute his or her roles and responsibilities binding these friends together. The true friendship requires a mutual understanding and offers the support once it is needed. 


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