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How the Globe Theatre came to existence, those who were responsible for its establishment and where it was established

The biography of George Cumberland, one of the writers who have tried to figure out various issues pertaining to the history of the Globe Theatre.

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The owner of the Globe, brief history about the globe, its maximum capacity and how it was structured both internally and externally.

James takes a step of changing the Globe's location for the purpose of high rent evasion.

The Globe is attacked and destroyed as a kind of opposition for its establishment.

The Globe's second attack, this time round it is totally brought down after it gets burnt by a canon. It led to total destruction with only a few properties rescued.

Construction of yet another starts Globe despite the destruction of the former. Still further fate     befell on it due to the intimidating power from the Puritans. The government ordered the closure of all Theatres, the Globe inclusive.

Through combination of effort but both Sam Wanamaker and Shakespeare, the reconstruction of the Globe takes place. The best site for its establishment is found and construction starts immediately.

Official reopening of the Globe takes place with Henry the Fifth doing the first live performance.

Details of how one can get in touch with the Theatre through permission from relevant.


The Globe Theatre has led to extensive researches as pertains to its birth, the purpose it served and at large the challenges it faced. It happened to be a very important structure to the people and this explains why they had to keep on going back to reconstruct it even after others ensured its total destruction.


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