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Especially among young men, it is a norm and a conventional idea that in order to have an appeal to women, one has to a muscle-bound body, with place of manufacturing ones body into the ideal stamina being the gym. Indeed, mention the word 'gym' and what forms in the mind, to the average person are different assortments of heavy weightlifting equipment, ventilators, background music and different people working out either in groups or individually with the workouts either taking the form of aerobic exercises or strength training. One cannot successfully divorce the prospects of having an appealing body from these above prospects. This shows the extent to which many have mistakenly divorced several areas of personal development from the activities of the gym.

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On the contrary, fact has it that the gym and the activities carried out within it treated the development of the mind or the intellect as integral components, right from the gym's point of origin. When analyzed diachronically, the gym, fully known as the gymnasium, is perceived to have its most pristine and original roots in the Ancient Greece. As a matter of fact, the phrase gymnasium in Greek means a place or locality where both physical and intellectual education was accorded young men. From this juncture, it is important to take stock of the fact that the gym is ideally, a place where the trainees are taught important concepts such as healthy lifestyle, health and being all round.

In this respect, the elementary and high schools act as the closest paradigms to the original model of the gym. This is because; in as much as the gym was geared towards physical wellbeing of the learners, the intellectual attributes were also nurtured therein. Succinctly expressed, the Greek considered physical education equally important with cognitive learning. In this respect, the Greek gymnasia were fit with big libraries which were utilized after the trainees finished having relaxing bath.

Another interesting twist which seems to severe the ties of the current from the original gym is the manner in which the learners presented themselves at the gym and partook of the learning programs therein. The Greek meaning for the gymnasium was 'a place for being naked'. Though designated for young men to partake of the physical education, the exercises thereof were customarily carried out in nakedness. These activities which were carried out in nakedness were comprehensive enough to cover bathing, as well as studies.    

Nevertheless, due to the extent modernization has continued to shape the gym and its scope, it behooves to issue a description of the same. Ideally, the most important quality of a good gym is plenty of ventilation. During both aerobic exercises and strength training, it remains important that there is steady and more than adequate supply of fresh air. To this effect, one must ensure that gym windows are large enough and many. The same should fit air conditioners in the gym to ensure that it is well aerated. The failure to cater for this provision is to create a harbinger for fainting and fainting in return acts as the effective herald for accidents at the gym. Planners should provide enough working space priority to curtail accidents and to promote effectiveness in training.

As far as the training and workout equipment are concerned, the treadmill remains useful. The treadmill is important since it is totally important for the carrying out of aerobic exercises. Thus, the treadmill has always been recommended for exercises meant for improving the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It is always important to fit in the gym, treadmills which allow the trainee to select the speed and inclination for training purpose. Planers should provide treadmills which are broad enough to allow a comfortable run or walk, without the danger of the trainee tripping off the side. The most recommended treadmills, though expensive, are those that have heart monitors. Some treadmills also have alongside the heart monitor, drink holders, music systems and TV system.

A good gym should also have elliptical machines to ensure that those with joint problems are assisted. These machines assist in providing cardiovascular workouts and developing balance. Muscles are able to experience additional workouts since the machines are able to run both forwards and backwards. This accords the machine, a niche in the market at the expense of the treadmill which is only one-sided.

At the gym, stationery bicycles exist- albeit their models being bifurcated into the recumbent and the tradition. The latter is more conformant to the regular bicycle so that it is recommended for aiding in better training of the gluteus muscles due to the presence of the hip extension. The former at the opposite end is more suitable for those with back problems, due to the back enhancement it offers. Nonetheless, consensus abounds that both the recumbent and traditional bicycles provide an excellent situation for cardiovascular workouts.

Specialists in gymnastics also maintain that the rowing machine should grace every gym. The centrality in importance of the rowing machine is based on the fact that because of its combined design, it caters both for cardiovascular training and strength building. The rowing machine is also important in the gym since it is easy to use at all fitness levels. The machine also provides low-impact workout for the human body in its entirety, so that when used properly, all the major muscles in the body are to benefit. Universal machines, dumbbells, the bench press and the smith machine are also recommended for a standard gym.


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