Free How to Be a True Friend Essay Sample

I have often wondered why many people keep complaining of friends who are untrue. In fact, the number of friends who seem to be dissatisfied by their friends whom they consider true is high. Given the challenges that friendships go through, it is essential that friends become true to their partners. But how does one become a true friend? There are several attributes and behavior that one must possess in order to be true friend. Being a true friend calls for the ability to befriend oneself, accept ones conditions and understand other people.

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Befriending oneself is an essential step necessary for individuals to control their motives and inner striving. In doing so, one can embrace others in a relationship that is true and fulfilling to both parties. It is not possible for someone to make true relationships with other people if they cannot befriend themselves. However, befriending oneself give individuals the opportunity to honor and address their own feelings as well as needs and build inner-trust. These characteristics will make one interact with others and build a true and committed relationship. With befriending oneself, individuals develop the ability to learn how to discover and take duties of what we can improve, so as to become a true friend.                                                 

Accepting the conditions of others is essential in becoming a true friend. There are things in us and our friends we cannot change or control, but improve on their character. Acceptance comes from within and brings about fulfillment and satisfaction amongst our friends. By accepting realities of ourselves and others, we get to know our similarities and learn to accept our differences without regretting. It is believed that true acceptance brings relief to individual from minimum struggle and unrealistic expectation and dreams. Acceptance will work in becoming a true and good friend.                                                                          

Understanding others can guide individuals into becoming true friends. A true friend is someone who is willing to understand other people's character and their way of life. Having knowledge on different personality traits is crucial in equipping one with the skills necessary to understand others. A clear appreciation of personality traits helps an individual to realize why people behave differently from others in certain situations, the way they act and behave. Understanding is a skill that requires time to be developed. Nevertheless, understanding provides a basis of creating a strong and true friendship. Through understanding of each partner, high self-esteem is developed that enables one to be competent and perform well with other friends and this is a recipe for true friends

For one to be, a true friend, there is need to befriend oneself given that this leads to personality realization, which identifies one with their friend positively. Accepting conditions of others, on the other hand leads to the appreciation of other friends condition and character, therefore being a true friend. Understanding others also builds positive attitude towards a friend. All the above qualities attribute one to being a true friend.


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