Free Issues in Ethics Essay Sample

Justice can be described from many angles and quoted to fit into different contexts.  The most widely accepted is that justice is a concept of moral rightness that is often based on rationality, fairness and equity among other virtues, and which comes with punishment as recourse for the breach of any of the identified virtues. Justice can also be described as the quality that comes from being just and of moral rightness and of being a person that upholds lawfulness.

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Ethics on the other hand refers in essence to well-founded and clearly laid down standards that govern what we as human beings ought to do. These are the terms that guide us on our rights, fairness and general obligations that we have to the society. Reasonable obligations to keep away from vices like rape, murder, theft and fraud are some of the examples of set standards that are imposed on us in terms of ethics and which help keep us and the society in general at peace with each other. Ethical standards also do include those that in the end include virtues like compassion and loyalty. Ethical standards are those that relate directly to rights like the right to life, right to freedom and the right to privacy. These and similar standards are considered adequate standards of ethics since they are supported by well-founded reasoning.

To do the right thing should thus refer to acting and practicing a form of behavior that is accepted by the majority in the society and that which aims to uphold all the virtues related to ethical practices. If one lives within the confines of the ethics set upon by the society then they shall surely be deemed to have done the right thing. Anything that does not contravene the ethics acts is as such a right thing.

Equality is the state of being of uniform character in correspondence to quantity, value or ability. The law is always ethical since it is the ultimate measure of how well we adhere to ethics. It is the law that punishes those that deviate from ethics. It is therefore almost always right In the eyes of the majority since the law seeks to protect all of us thus we all benefit. Sometimes though some things that we term as moral are not always practical thus the need for the presence of the law to set those who deviate in the right track again.


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