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Over the years, there have been many attempts made to ensure that knowledge is correctly defined. Research has shown that definition does not provide sufficient evidence to indicate the proposition.

Knowledge has been defined based on abstractions as well as dualism by earlier scholars such as Plato and Aristotle. Later, another group of pragmatists argued for knowledge to be based on causation and observation as well as the recognition of an individual’s free will. Later, behaviorists argued that knowledge could only be replicated in the external environment and should only be considered as what could have already been described hence unachievable

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At the end of any kind of argument, knowledge is concluded to be evolving such that it actually accumulates explicit and external information which belongs to the community. Such a community originates from individuals that act alone or in collaboration with others to ensure that there is a proper integration with the environment which they are in.

Knowledge can only be ascertained if the object in question is believed, true, and finally justified. It has been discovered that the resulting conclusions from many cases are usually reliant on false assumptions and conclusions thus immediate conclusions should always be ensured to be true. As much as knowledge requires evidence, justification needs to be found but at times searching for more evidence may end up contradicting the evidence that was discovered.

Subjective justification is given when an individual knows that he/she is justified in holding a certain belief and can hold up as future evidence. Objective justification, on the other hand, incorporates a justified true belief holding the reasons for which a truth was found.

If evidence captured contradicts your original justification, then an ultimate clause is needed.


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