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Pets are animals that are playful and friendly to human beings and are kept in the households not for any production purpose but for the good company they imbue to humans. There are different types of pets which people keep according to their like and their environments. This includes; cats, dogs, birds, horses etc. Most people are fond of pet because of their playful characteristics which can change people attitudes and moods. Others like pet because there are attractive hence make their environment look beautiful. People who socialize with the pets are most likely to be stress-free due to the liveliness and playfulness the pets. The most preferable type of pet that I will choose is a dog. A part from companionship I can use my do for various other functions: I can interact socially with it, it beefs up my home security by barking when there is a stranger around and I can use it during physical exercise hence promoting the fitness of both the dog and I. if properly trained it may also be used by the security personals to detect thief and hidden dangerous weapons.

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Pets are supposed to be cared for just like babies. A dog is a one among the many pets that are kept in most conducive environments. It has to be kept in a clean environment to avoid the chances of getting diseases. For the dog to become a pet it must be trained on how to behave around people, eat and also socialize. Still, before one selects a pet he/she needs to consider various critical aspects of the pet such as; the size of the pet, the amount of food which the pet requires and others. For a dog, a training secession is a must and at the end it must be taken through a screening process. There are different types of foods which the pet can be fed on. Dogs and cats can be fed on row meet which have bones because there are carnivores. Pet food can also be bought from the pet stores. Food is important for the pet's nourishment and restoring the energy spent through playful activities. Dogs should be taken to a veterinary officer for proper check up to avoid different types of diseases suck as skeletal and muscular disorder which can lead to death. Pets also deserved some time to rest. Dogs, for instance, are supposed to have up to 14hrs hour of rest or sleep, or else they can become aggressive and injure their owners.

Pets are considered as an animal that have impact on human beings in several ways. Lots of care and cautions are supposed to be taken into consideration to provide the necessary physical condition for the pets to survival. Pets are attractive hence people prefer to have them to enhance the beauty in their environment. Pets also can be harmful to human beings when they become aggressive hence can bite the owner. For proper growth of the pets, they are supposed to be feed appropriately and also can lead to fast growth. Most nations are supposed to be encouraged to create zoology to promote the growth of animal species. Pets deserve better care because it plays a major role in human roles.

Every pet has different benefits they confer to the owners different from what my dog will confer to me.  As motioned earlier the greatest benefit a pet can confer to its owner is companionship. The companionship the pets provide is a said to have therapeutic benefits. During the time of crisis or great stress ling prolonged illness or chronic unemployment pet's companionship provides the pets owners with anchor and stability to cope with the situations. The affection we receive from pets sometimes supersedes that we received from humans

Therapeutic benefits accrued to pet companions can not be overemphasized. Since pets are very playful and active, the owners tend to by physically active. As a result, pet owners seem to have lower cholesterol levels that those who don't have pets.  Furthermore, heart attack victims who have pets have great chance of surgical than those who don't have pets.  Research, shows that companionship of pets reduces half's high blood pressure that is brought about by stress. In regard to this it is strongly recommend to keep pet in order to benefit form their undying companionship and loyalty. Therapists have also you pets to treat their patients, through animal assisted therapy such as therapeutic riding. Therefore, If you are feeling lonely even when in company of other people, consider havening a pet companion, it will certainly make you lively.

People can also benefit from improve security if they consider having a dog, like I do. As stated earlier, dogs can alert the owner if impeding danger through barking. For instance, when a stranger approaches your home your dog is likely to bark thus alerting you of your security status. Also dog can be trained to detect criminal and dangerous weapons.  It is not suppressing that special security forces train dogs and use then to detect weapons explosive as well as track criminals.

When it comes to me beautifying the environment, nothing does it quite as well as pets do it. Pets come in different sizes and colors which enhance our living environment so people have gone further to enhance the beauty of the pets through grooming just the way people make their hair in solons, trim their nail and use make up.

Pets are very beneficial animals and assets. They differ from other animals in that they live and associate closely with human beings.  One has to consider various factors before deciding on which pet to keep and must be prepared to feed and take care of the pet. Pets can be very beneficial to their owner, since thy offer undying and unconditional company which is therapeutic, they are playful and lively hence cheer up the owners, beautify the environment and help improve security.


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