Free Planning and Zoning Essay Sample

Zoning is the process of separating land uses for various purposes and therefore it is basically aimed conserving and preserving the planned character. In order for a certain zoning exercise to happen as planned, the government and the local authorities must have a certain laid down policy to guide them. it is worth mentioning that the traditional perception of zoning and the ordinances that were used in making of the zoning policies separated the land use completely. However, it is notable that today the zoning does not limit certain activities to one location and therefore people have an option of taking full control and potential of the entire project.  This summary shows the zoning process in Arizona and the steps taken by different counties and divisions in the state in order to meet the demands and policies of zoning.

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One of the most important and notable things about the Arizona is that the ordinances that form the basis of zoning do not favor some parts of the state over others.  The ordinances are based primarily on the need to enhance health, safety and general welfare of the society and not other purposes such as economic opportunities or increasing the value of land artificially. Arizona has laid down legislations that are used to ensure that these ordinances are not violated. Initially, it was thought that a zoning process that secluded the industrial from residential areas and other forms of zoning were there to benefit one location against the other. However, naturally, there are those businesses that will not be thriving well while they will be quite active in some zones. Due to these differences, the Arizona state counties have devised policies that offer unconditional basis for activity

The Arizona state and its divisions in their zoning process involves taking into consideration such important such as the use of land and the benefits of certain activities to the community. This has led to the development of two main zoning policies. One of them gives unconditional zoning while the other gives conditional zoning. It is important to keep in mind that the zoning procedure and the policies have to adhere to the basic objectives of the zoning itself which includes safeguarding safety and health in the community.

Zoning has both negative and positive effects which includes increasing the value of the property within a certain zone as well as decreasing the value in others. The two have buffer impacts that have effects on the life of individuals living in the localities. For instance, in residential areas, there are chances that development of features such as mortuaries and other amenities are located making the land use negative and lowering the value. All this are taken into consideration in Arizona before zoning planning is made.

 It is also necessary to keep in mind that the decisions made in zoning are not permanent and therefore there are those instances when zoning process becomes revised in different times as progress and other developmental advancements are made. In order to ensure that the land and zoning process is done effectively, the state offers regulations in ordinances where the communities have different commercial recommendations and requirements. This means for property development and establishments within a certain county in Arizona will require having a certain architectural and other developmental requirement. Each county and division in Arizona will have its own requirements but all will have to adhere to a certain rule. Zoning process cannot be taken independently from the other activities in the society. One must therefore note that the need for zoning and planning will be incorporated in the main county development protocol and therefore adhere to the rules.


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