Free The Chief of Police Essay Sample

This is a great city and as the Chief of police, my department has the responsibility to keep it safe and ensure all the residents feel secure when they walk around and even in their homes. To ensure safety, this department needs to have general information about any new changes that are done in any company especially any new staff that are employed in the town. This is because the police have to keep an eye on new people to ensure that they do not have prior criminal records or ulterior motives. The police seeks cooperation from all the other departments on this issue thus the whole council is asked to ensure that all new people around are well documented and the new records registered with the police.

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The city is changing fast and it is up to us to ensure peace is maintained between the old residents and the new people who will come into the town to either work or visit. Safety is necessary since it is the factor that will make the town attractive to new investors and tourists who will bring in money and funding for new businesses thus making the town economically developed and a model for other aspiring towns to learn from.

Some of the challenges we should be anticipating are fast growth leading to more social evils and the likely hood for emergence of slums which would harbor criminals. Tourists and visitors are projected to bring in drugs and lead to opening of brothels to serve their needs. The police will need all the assistance and corporation from the mayor and the people in the town to be able to do their duties of keeping the city safe for all of us as we grow together. 



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