Free Internet's Impact on Society Essay Sample

The internet has linked people from different cultures and societies. It has made working and communicating across borders faster and more efficient. It grants us access to vast amounts of information. It has brought about many profitable gains in the society. However, scientists suggest that the internet has brought about social and psychosocial problems. This is because of its many associated interruptions and destructions that have turned users into scattered superficial thinkers. Research shows that online readers comprehend less compared to people who read from the traditional linear texts.

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By changing our mind habits, technology weakens some neural pathways by altering their responses. These cellular alterations continuously shape our way of thinking even when we are not using technology. People reliant on multimedia presentations remember less information compared to those who rely on print material. The distraction by emails and alert messages hence are less able to concentrate.

Because of this juggling of activities and information sources they are less creative and less productive compared to readers who do one thing at a time like reading a book. When in the internet, ones attention divides in response to a myriad of information streaming in and easily available. Our brains are incapable of forging expansive connections that enable us to give deep depth on information processing. We become signal-processing units shepherding uncoordinated pieces of information into our short memory system.

Mind over Mass Media

The electronic technologies have been criticized over their effects on brainpower and the society’s moral fiber. Some scientists accuse the mass media of lowering our intelligence and encouraging us to skim randomly over the surface of knowledge rather than dig to its depth. This is because of the efficient search engines that enhance retrieving of information. Media critics assume that the brain sieves the quality of information it consumes which is not true. However, constant arrival of certain types of information can be addictive or distractive.

The concerns on the effects of this technology cite distracted attention and brain changes and alteration of the normal thinking process. The mass media electronic technology has been adopted in the science world. It is applied to express and interpret findings. Some scientists believe that these are not hazardous to intelligence but are beneficial to the quality of knowledge and information they help to transmit. It is the over reliance on this technology that causes panic as it is feared to cause brain damage after long exposure. However, experiences cannot revamp the basic information processing capability of the brain. As such experiences are limited to specific experiences such as training which breeds perfection in a specific area.

The solution is not to grumble about technology but to develop self control mechanisms that will enable people to achieve a balanced life. This is because we cannot get rid of technology and conclusive findings to highlight serious dangers. 

Raising children abroad

This article describes third culture kids. These are children who have been raised outside of their parents’ culture for most of their lives. They enjoy an expanded worldview and cross-cultural and language enrichment. They are exposed to different types of people that help enrich their personality, habits, and adopt different ways of thinking early in life. Because of their cross boundary culture and language skills, third culture kids often take up their identity as a culture bridge. This can however lead to confusion on their identity and values from their parent’s native homes and the host country. They are not sure of which country to be patriotic to and often lack a deep understanding of their real culture. Because of this, third culture kids need to keep in touch with their friends and distant family members through phone calls, emails, and frequent visiting. These help to nature and maintain relationships across time and distance. This is because they have no stable home but still need the affirmation and sense of belonging to a society.


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