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Laura Johns was born on March 10 1981 in Phoenix when the scorching sun was up high (no wonder she has a tan all year round).  She was born in a family of three and she was the only girl. Her father was a painter and a dreamer the reason why they kept moving from one place to the next. The mother was a teacher and a very mean one for that matter.

She has always adorned a very small figure and standing at 5'3' she compensates for her lack of height with her talkative nature full of humor and wit. She is very lady like though she only she started practicing when she grew up. She is also very outgoing, optimistic and talkative (only when the topic does not involve science or mathematics).  What I don't understand about her is where she got that big appetite for ice cream. 

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She grew up in a normal household where they did not have enough money.  She even had to drop out of college three times for lack of school fees until, she could get a scholarship.  What I admire about her is that she never lost focus of her dream. Since childhood she always wanted to a writer and though she deviated from the path many times, she finally made to fulfill her dreams.

Laura was not a perfect person and has made mistakes just like any other person. After high school she wanted to become a writer but she did not have money for college she decided to joint the Air force basic training. She faced a lot of challenges but the good thing she never gave. There was a time she tells me she had to sleep hungry since she had already used all the money the first time she joined college.  She had to do without her father who died while she was fifteen years and her favorite brother who died at a tender age.

Laura's out look about live had not always been that positive but the challenges she has encountered shaped her life. The father had a great influence in her life as he taught her to always follow her dreams. To reinforce this statement when her father realized that she loved reading he always ensured that he took her to the public library once a week.

I never tire being around her since she has a lot of experience about life and she is always sharing the important life lesson. She has learned to trust in God even when the road seems so bumpy. She believes god always has a reward if we endure what life has thrown at us. I like her philosophy when misfortunes come her way and the goal in mind is shattered. I remembered once when the fiancé left her at the alter a week to the wedding, she said that God have saved her from years of unhappiness. But, was off course said after a lot of tears which reminds me of her other lesson cry if must it helps to heal the soul. What I admire about her is she never takes a true friend for granted.

She is now married to loving husband and they are yet to be blessed with a child. Since she was little she always wanted to lie down and read. That habit has been carried over even today. She is freelance writer for most magazines and a leading daily. Therefore, most of the time you will find her in her study doing what she likes most, either reading or writing. When she is not in the house, she is either in a women conference giving motivational speech, or on the road sight seeing a hobby she developed since childhood. Her laughter and humor is contagious and she gets invited to so many such meetings.

How can I forget our first meeting? We were both in second grade when a teacher asked her a math question. She could not get head from tail and I helped her. When the teacher left she came to ask me how I could get sense from numbers while to her they looked all the same.  Which remind me that it not just numbers she can not comprehend, but she also never tell north from south in map. From that day in class we became good friends. Our friendship was cemented when they moved in a pour neighborhood. There we committed all known sins like picking apples from a neighbor hood orchard. We were tomboys from A to Z and I wonder show she shed her habit while I still love the outdoors. We realized we had a similar hobby of reading books and I used to join them every Saturday when she went to the library.

I will never forget her influence in my life. First of all like I said her humor is contagious and she has taught me to look at life from a funny point of view. Therefore, I always find something to laugh about even in the midst of sorrows and grief.  She has taught me to value friends and family as she will always leave her all to be by friend's side when she is needed. To me she remains the one and only my friend, my mentor, my everything.


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