Free The Play “Waiting for Godot” Essay Sample

The play Waiting for Godot can be portrayed as a play where nothing important happens. It describes a story of two tramps, Estragon and Vladimir, who are waiting for Godot under a leafless tree. They had never met Godot, who has unknown but important message. As they wait under the tree, they contemplate suicide, talk about Bible passages, and argue and make up. Lucky and Pozzo, a slave and master, show up but depart later.

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As the first act ends, a boy brings a message to the tramps that Mr. Godot was not able to come that day, but will come the following day. The second act is repeated, except that the tree has leaves and that Pozzo is blind, while Lucky is dumb. The boy also shows up again and gives the same message, but says he has never met them. The tramps decide to go but do not move. 

This play is extremely strange, since it is difficult to distinguish its plot, but it seems to have an extremely deep meaning. Godot is one of the aspects that make this play unclear. However, when one compares this play with the Bible, one can conclude that Godot is actually God. The two tramps, Estragon and Vladimir, on the other hand, represent mankind as whole waiting for salvation that never comes. Every day, a messenger comes but pronounces that Godot will come tomorrow. The tramps deny that they know Godot when they are asked by Pozzo, making this play look similar to that of Peter, when he denied Jesus.

Alternatively, Pozzo represents God and Lucky is the mankind. Lucky pleases Pozzo by obeying him, since Pozzo explains Lucky’s obedience in his actions. Pozzo, on the other hand, is unconcerned with the deeds. In the second act, Lucky is made to exist by Pozzo, since he is blind. This story appears to be the same with the assumption that when man does not believe in God, he will not exist.

Similar situation happens when one waits for something desperately and sometimes seems it will never happen. In my personal view, when one is in a situation whereby he/she is waiting for something, done should do something productive. For example, I read a novel that is usually kept in my bag. This helps pass time and prevents me from losing hope when I am waiting for something desperately. 


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