Free The Violence against Women Act Essay Sample

This act was authorized by the congress due to the insufficiency of the legal system in curbing the increasing rates of wife battering. This leads to the development of a number of remedies to the various victims, but will only discuss a few.

The major remedy concerning non-citizens facing domestic violence is that of self petition. Initially non-citizen victims of domestic violence had slim panacea to their suits against spouses or partners battering them. The remedy of self petition enables the non-citizens whose is a victim of domestic violence to qualify for permanent residence, exclusive of the assistance of the qualifying spouse or parent. These help them to be familiar with the exacting cruel and lasting effects of battering in immigrant societies.

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The remedy has played a major role in helping those women facing serious domestic violence to seek quick justice. The fear of these victims has been relieved. The victims normally feared being deported to their country of origin because they don’t have a permanent residence license. These further amendments give the victim a three year period of stay where after they can eligibly and genuinely seek for permanent residence. This move is good in that it eliminates the issues of discriminative and societal-based justice delivery.

Most people who are fond of domestic violence will be forced to face their criminal acts and be answerable to the respective charges. This will reduce the all issue of domestic violence. It will also create a label field for both male and female to join hands in economic developments.

The other remedy is about restrictive or protective orders. This is an order restricting and refraining the other partner from coming close or entering the property of the victim. In addition to bring to an end the agonizing acts of the abuser from abusing or upsetting someone. This tends to reduce the extent and frequency of domestic violence. In this 21st century we do not expect or believe violation to be the solution to any problem. Therefore restrictive orders will force the abuser to resume to dialogue as a way of solving domestic disputes. The remedy is helpful since nobody will be bothering with the affairs of either party. This creates a good time for the parties to continue with their daily activities without any interference from any quarter. The abuser will be aware of the legal suits that the victim can seek incase he or she disobeys the orders. The criminal violation attached to a further abuse of the victim will ensure that the acts are done away with. This gives a chance to the affected to discharge their duties well and harmonious stay.

Lastly, the remedy concerning ban on possession of guns by anyone convicted of domestic violence sounds good since it will limit the chance of armed conflicts. Some individuals may use the arms as a defense or an administering tool in times of conflict which we all know that it’s vital. Individuals with guns should be people who are less violent and responsible. The withdrawal of the gun is done so that the life of every partner to a conflict is not put at risk and fear. This will in one way or another ensures the application of in excess force.  

In conclusion the judicial system should strengthen the application of these remedies since violence ruin the lives of thousands of women, daughters and their families in the country. We have at times witnessed the awful consequences of mass wife battering, assault, dating violence and child abuse. Violence against women, again threatens societies, weakens economic growth and development and brings about poverty and misery.


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