Free Volunteering and Work Experience Essay Sample

Volunteering is noble ad admirable way of providing ones skills, expertise and capacity for free. Volunteer work is very similar to charity and benevolence. Volunteering should be driven by an individual's heartfelt urge to help. Pride, recognition and obligation to help may be driving forces and reasons to volunteer, however this should not be the case. Giving back to society what it has given to you is very humbling and commendable. Any attempt to make the world a better place should be appreciated and treasured. Showing empathy helps elevate people's lives, the less privileged get a chance to acquire what they would not ordinarily have. This is especially so with people who have struggled n life.

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They feel its their heartfelt obligation to volunteer. Volunteering in an organization or institution gives people the required experience, expertise and skills to navigate in an increasing changing and competitive job market. You acquire and improve your chances of acquiring unique opportunities such as acquiring first hand experience as an insider in an organization. Volunteering also gives a person an added advantage over others when considering a person for employment. Volunteering will definitely lay a great role.

Volunteering abroad or at home is very similar however volunteering abroad offers an individual added advantageous such as traveling and experiencing new lifestyles. Being in ones home surrounding is very comforting however we should not shy away from experiencing new ways of life. Volunteering opens a new window on the life others. For instance a volunteer working in the slums and inner cities will get a better understanding of poverty, pan and suffering. In the course of your duties you meet people and make friendship and a sense of belonging. Volunteer work can be strenuous, difficult and intolerable however it is not all gloom. They never lack exciting and fun experiences.


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