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Writers use various processes to write well. A writer should not expect their first draft to be perfect. Writers should write regularly modifying their initial drafts in order to perfect them. Writers are required to know many writing strategies, use rules as guidelines and edit their written work until it is complete.

Writing involves different activities. The first activity is planning for the writing. The writer has to gather materials, brainstorm, and organize the materials well before commencing the writing. Once the writer has finished writing the draft, he/she must evaluate his/her work, revise, edit and proofread it to ensure accuracy. In revising, the writer changes the draft to satisfy his/her writing purposes or those of the readers.

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Editing helps in correcting grammatical mistakes while proofreading ensures that the document is free from typographical errors. Writing ideas can be gathered through brainstorming, free writing and clustering. In business and administrative writing, writers should ensure that they are less official but friendly to the readers. Academic papers on the other side are written in a less personal style as compared to the business documents.

In order to make written work easier to read, writers have to use various techniques. Accuracy in the choice of words is paramount for good writing. Writers need to use words that are familiar and appropriate to the readers. Another writing technique is limited use of technical jargon. Writers should ensure that they minimize the use of technical jargon to enable their readers to comprehend the written work. Active voice is recommended for use since it is better and clearer. In addition, it is good to use verbs more often than nouns because they carry the weight of the sentences.

Moreover, writers have to minimize wordiness in writing and vary the length of their sentences in the writing. To begin new paragraphs, writers should use topic sentences because they introduce readers to the contents of the paragraph. In new and difficult writing, writers have to revise their drafts at least three times to look for content and completeness, organization, and appropriateness of the writing style.


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