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One of my achievements that I am most proud of is having made it to graduate from high school with an award of “AltynBelgi”. This is an award in form of a gold medal given to students who obtain high grades in their academic subjects. The award is a summary of what an individual has learned and achieved through the eleven years of high school.

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Personally, I had to put in a lot of effort in order to receive this award. First, I had to register for the final exam which consists of five subjects. I dedicated all my time and effort on studies and finally managed to attain high and perfect grades in the final exam.

My main source of motivation was my own father and my elder brother who had attained this award before. They made me to admire and yearn to attain the same as well. The journey to my success was not that easy because I had to forego other things like being with my family, friends and other social events in order to prepare for my final exams. The short tutorial courses I enrolled during my final year are the ones that contributed highly to my success. I used to work closely with my teachers and other teachers from our neighboring schools and this enabled me to access all the assistance that I required during my preparations. This whole lot of preparations enabled me to build confidence, anxiety and determination to make it all through. I can not forget to mention the overwhelming support that I received from my family members and friends during my entire lifestyle in high school. Their encouragement, financial support, moral support and guidance enabled me sail through various circumstances.

On the day on final exam, I was very anxious and at the same time confident waiting in anticipation to start the paper. Positive remarks and thoughts from my teachers and parents were my greatest strength. After taking the exams, I became very eager to know the outcomes. When the time came and found out that I had scored much more than what is required to earn the award, I felt so relieved and celebrated in joy with everyone that supported me. To me, all my prayers had been answered since this was the key step to qualify to the next step. I was so happy.

This experience taught me to be a self confident person with determination and motivation to believe in myself and my ability to accomplish what I have strived for. I learned that the key to success lies in hard work, obedience and self determination. This is something that will become part of me as I progress to further levels of education. 


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