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As many migrants moved to America, they interacted with the native Americans and the end results was that most of them ended up anglicizing their family and Christian names. This process is evident in modern America as most of the names currently used by Americans, especially those from other origins have to a lesser or greater extent been anglicized either or both the family and the Christian names. This move can be explained simply as an initiative that was meant to help the migrants adapt to the new and foreign linguistic elements of the American eye, ear, pen and mouth. It is considered as away of adapting to the foreign American senses elements. However, not all migrants were swayed onto adapting this naming system.

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Some of the immigrants retained their own original names. Good examples of such cases include Haugen, Bergman, Rubinstein and Kolehmainen. The immigrants in most situations had the choice to decide how and if they needed, they modified their names. Some of the people are pleased and proud of their surnames so long as the names were linguistically accepted by the Americans;its transformation or change was not necessary.  By gladly accepting of anglicizing their names, the migrants were in away underlining their intentions and will to become Americans any time soon. The new born children who descended from families, already living in Americ,a and had anglicized their names to new family names, naturally adapted the names.  

Anglicization did not just stop at the names. In America, there is a region where English serves as the main language being used to communicate. The region, though it is found in America, is characterized by significant British ethnic, historical, cultural links and linguistic. This region stands out from the other Latin America regions which make use of the famously referred to as Romance language, that is French, Spanish and Portuguese. The region has since then attracted immigrants from all parts of the world because of its better quality life and the pursuit for better education as well as employment. Some immigrants moved to this region to escape poverty, conflict and famine. The ethnic groups found in this region today. include the East Asians, Africans, Indians, Middle Easterners and Latin Americans. Despite the varying ethnic background, most of them have settled in and made use of the English language. This shows that America was anglicized in terms of the naming, language, geographical regions and ethnic groups.

The Anglo-Americans refer to the European-Americans who speak English and also in some cases the English Canadians. These Anglo-Americans are normally referred to as the Anglo’s in America. The origin of this language can be traced back in history to the English speaking people living in the United States as well as the Spanish speaking people who resided mostly to the western sides of the United States as early as the Mexican American War time. The users of this language ignore the distinctions existing between the German Americans who are the largest ancestry group according to the United States Census, English Americans, Swedish Americans, Italian Americans, and Irish Americans all from European descents.

The Anglo-Americans just like most the other English speakers happen to be traditionally Protestants while the large part of the remaining minorities are Roman Catholic.  This religious position called for the need of many books and the Bible to be anglicized to meet the demands of the Anglo-Americans who were continuously increasing in number. Anglos have been appreciated in the America society as Americans who are speaking European English, though in some areas such term is viewed as an insult. Anglo has since then denoted all the English speaking Americans together with their descendants putting aside despite their prior ethnic background.  This is to say that if an individual of Chinese descendant decides to adapt Canadian or U.S culture, he/shewill have Anglo children that are English speaking.

Anglo-American, on the other hand, can be used to refer to all those people coming from nations that have had English as their main traditionally spoke language. It also applies to   families that have ended up being mainstream English speakers in Canada and United States.  The region also designates a geographical region in North American not occupied by the Spanish, Ibero-America made up of South and Middle America and the Latin’s who had strong Hispanic heritage and traditions.

The impact of Anglicization was felt even on key America issues like the constitution.   This was made possible by James Bryce who analysed the United States federalism and helped the Australian founders have their federal institution as a replica of the American Model. This was done without duplicating the empirical and republican ideas which had underpinned them in the Constitution of the United States. His account through the American Commonwealth in 1888 appealed to these founders as it most suited their needs. Bryce being an English speaker argued that institutions in United States had very little or nothing to do with the crucial intellectual product. He argued that the institution were largely English and had been adapted to serve American purposes. It was Bryce’s approach towards the American federalism that allowed the Australia’s founders to replace their own parliamentary democracy colonial tradition under the republican principles: crown of rights and the powers separation that underlie the Constitution of America.

Though America can be considered as to have been anglicized, there has been many reports regarding sexual and racism oppression facing the Anglo-Americas. Most of the Anglo-Americans have to struggle for their civil rights through movements that share their common cause to protest discrimination and anti queer violence in this community.  Such movements have also been witnessed in America demanding some respects for the sensibilities and rights of such queer people. Such structured campaigns increased abnormally in the early 20th and late 19th centuries. The white Americans have also been encouraged to purge the society with what is commonly referred to as biological contaminants.

The so called biological contaminants are the Anglo-Americans, who happen to be black, disabled, poor or queer. Hate crimes have also been reported in most areas on the nations with the main culprits being the Anglo-Americans. Several leaders have come out discouraging the sexual oppression, racism and discrimination towards the Anglo-Americans, but very little progress reflected their initiatives. This is consequent of the white Americans regarding the Anglo-Americans as being feeble, disabled and poor in the American society. The civil rights that are out to protect them also face several challenges. The above is a clear indication that though the United States seems to be anglicized, the Anglo-Americans still face a lot of challenges and opposing to suggest that America is not fully anglicized and not every American is in good terms with the anglicizing process.


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