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Free Basketball Essay Sample

Basketball is among the world’s popular sports. Basketball refers to a sport played by two teams whose main goal is to shoot the ball through the rim placed horizontally while following to a set of rules. The teams comprise of five players and it is played on a marked rectangular court having two baskets on all width ends. The regulation basketball hoop comprises of a rim or basket attached to a backboard. The rim measures 18 inches in diameter and is 10 feet above the ground. The teams score a goal by aiming the ball through the net in a regular play. A scored goal earns two points to the shooting team if the shooting player is close to the rim or is touching basket. A goal can also earn 3 points if the shooting player aims the ball through the basket while behind the three-pointer line.

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For a team to win a basketball game, it needs to have many points than their opponents at the end of the game. A tie, especially when the two teams end in a draw, is broken by adding extra time. The ball advances in the court either by bouncing while running or walking, or by passing from one player to another. The term dribbling refers to the advancing of the ball while running or walking. However, it is against the rules not to dribble the ball while moving, to double dribble, or to carry it. Double dribbling refers to holding the ball with both hands then continuing dribbling.

In basketball, many violations are “fouls.” An example of fouls includes disruptive physical contact or personal foul penalized to an offensive by awarding the opponent player a free throw to if he is fouled during the shooting process. Certain violations of the rules such as unsportsmanlike conduct are punishable by issuing a technical foul assessed against bench personnel, team or players. Technical fouls earn the opponents a free throw. During a regular game, the ball must be within the court. If a team sends the ball out, it loses possession to their opponent. The ball is out of the court if it dashes over the borderline or is in contact with a player outside the court. This is different from other sports such as volleyball, tennis or football where the ball remains, or player remains inside provided any part is in touch with borderline.

Players with the ball should not step with both their feet without dribbling, as this will be a violation referred to as travelling. The player’s hand cannot be directly below the ball while dribbling, as this will be an infraction called carrying the ball. Another rule of basketball is that the ball cannot be struck by the fist or be kicked. If a team gains control of their opponent’s side or front half court, it should not return the ball to their side or backcourt and be the first to possess it. Violating these rules leads to a change of the shot clock if the committed by the defense or loss of ball possession.

A basketball team comprises of five players as mentioned above. The five players include point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center. The rules do not limit players to certain locations. However, evolution of basketball from the 1980s made players assume certain locations and roles. The point guard should be the fastest team member, and is responsible for organizing the attacks of the team. He does this by making sure that the right player has the ball at the right time. The shooting guard creates mainly long-range shorts and watches the opponent’s last player on the defense. The small forward member of the team is majorly responsible for scoring points through dribble penetration and cuts to the basket. He also rebounds and plays actively. Power forward plays invasively having their back to the basket and when on defense he plays under the basket or against the opponent’s power forward. The center often uses his size and height to score and safeguard the basket when on defense. However, there is no rule that limits the players to these descriptions.

There are four quarters in regular basketball game, and each takes 10 or 12 minutes. In college basketball games, the game uses two-twenty minute halves. Extra time should take 5 minutes in all games except in high school, where it takes four minutes. Teams need to change sides after the first half of the game. A typical basketball game might take approximately 2 hours excluding the time when the game is inactive. At any given time, the court should have ten players, 5 from both sides. Despite substitutions being unrestricted, it can only be performed when the game is stopped. Additionally, teams must have a uniform comprising of a jersey and a pair of shorts. For identification purposes, the jersey should have a unique number in the team printed at the front and back. In some instances, the jerseys have the names of players, sponsors and team printed on them.

In conclusion, regulation basketball hoop comprises of a rim or basket attached to a backboard. Violating the rules of the game results in a change of the shot clock if the committed by the defense or loss of ball possession. Basketball teams comprise of five players, which includes the point guard, shooting guard, power forward, small forward  and center. A typical basketball game might take approximately 2 hours excluding the time when the game is inactive.


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