Free Beaches; the Ocean's Playground Essay Sample

Beaches are sea shore playing grounds. They are thus useful playing grounds that are found along the shores of large water mass. Beaches are the large shoreline landforms along an ocean or any other large water mass such as the sea or lake. It is an earth surface that comprises of composed rock which is inclusive of sand and gravel, pebbles as well as paved stones. These particles come together to form the dry earth surface along the water bodies. These water bodies do then transport the remains of Dead Sea and ocean animal shells to the beach; they come together with the other particles and form a hard beach surface. The formed earth surface is the hard enough for people to play on. Many games are played along the beaches with Beach football being the most practiced.

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Beaches do on occasional basis change. Many reasons can explain this but of the major ones are the weed and water activities along the beach. The Sea plants do grow along the beach and water levels according to the fertility of the ocean ground and the transportation of humus by moving sea water. Such growth of weed is one of the factors that lead to the change of the beach ground on occasional basis. If such weed is not plucked and prevented from growing back, it becomes much and destroys a once beautiful and spacious beach. In addition, the beach changes on occasional basis due to the water erosion activities. These are activities that are encouraged by water movement resulting to the loosening of the beach earth surface and wash away. Repeated erosion results into higher levels of soil wash away thus resulting to a changed beach. Erosion does ensure that the smooth beach earth surface is completely washed away leaving back deep hole that are not good on a beach. Thus, weed and water activities are some of the factors that do advocate for the occasional changes of the beach. 


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