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What comes out is that these correctional facilities and centres have not been well documented or evaluated scientifically. She says that approximately 99 percent of all community correctional programs have never been evaluated scientifically. This is a surprise and least expectoration for these state programs, which should be taken serious because they play a significant role in the society. In this regard it is impossible to identify which one is more effective and efficient in carrying out its mandate. What even provokes is that if evaluation is done on some faith based mentoring programs their efficiency would be far much better than what is there in the community correctional centres. This shows that these programs are not taken seriously as one would expect, suppose there were a lot of literature documented from the surveillance of these programs then their capacity and efficiency would be excellent.

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Another issue from this interview is that though some practices like boot camps, house arresting, routine probation, and parole supervision are still under practice in an effort of reducing recidivism they totally do not achieve this noble task. This is still being practiced despite the knowledge of it’s under achievement. No alternative method has since been devised to replace these to ensure recidivism is well controlled.

Evidenced based practices should be the best approach for all correctional programs. This will ensure there is enough allocation of funds for the specific programs initiated towards a certain goal. Since knowing the target is part of this approach, its acceptance by the public domain will be likely. Extraction of enough literature from the community correction programs will ensure enough identification of what needs to be done in these programs. The after math will be improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.


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