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The graph in task 1 indicates the percentage number of teachers who read a newspaper every day. On Monday, 60 percent of the teachers read the newspaper. This value decreased steadily to 40 percent in Tuesday and 33 percent in Wednesday. It is observed that Thursday recorded the least value, since only 30 percent of the teachers read the newspaper. However, there was a sharp increase afterwards. The value increased to 40 percent on Friday and further to 80 percent on Saturday. Sunday recorded the highest value since 90 percent of the teachers were found to read the newspaper.

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 According to the information given in the graph, weekdays had the least number of teachers who read newspaper probably due to most of the teacher’s time being used in teaching students in their classes. As a matter of fact, the value decreased progressively from Monday all the way to Thursday. Then from Friday, the value increased significantly all through to Sunday. The graph shows that most of the teachers read the newspaper during weekends perhaps due to the fact that at this time they do not have classes to teach.

The second graph shows the trend in domestic access to modern technology in the homes in the United Kingdom. Information captured in the graph ranges between 1997 and 2003. The technology least used is internet with only 10 percent in 1998/99 and rising steadily to about 45 percent by 2002/03. Access to home computer was second least among domestic users with about 30 percent in 1996/97 and later it had a gradual rise to 55 percent in 2002/03. Access to mobile phone had the highest rate of increase, from about 18 percent in 1996/97 to 70 percent in 2002/03. On the other hand, use of CD player was still high in 1996/97, with a value of 60 percent, which rose steadily to about 83 percent in 2002/03. From the information represented in the graph, it can be concluded that use of mobile phone technology had the highest increase among all the other technologies.


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