Free Florida and California States Essay Sample

I have traveled to Florida and California States and saw all the interesting things that my curiosity quest was geared to find out. However, they have some similarities and differences in all sectors of life. However, just like in every society both are characterized by major strengths and drawbacks.


A high percentage of Florida State also known as the Sunshine State, is situated at a cape having two time zones and the largest state next to worlds’ longest River, Mississippi River. It is the only State in the United States of America that is largely affected by severe thunderstorms and hurricanes. Due to its location it is the only state that experience fewer earthquakes.

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However, it experiences all the 4 seasons and during winter it becomes a major tourist attraction site to many tourists. There are many National Parks due to the variety of terrain and geographical diversity. It has a suitable climate for Agriculture in the production of citrus, sugar, cotton and cattle.

Tourism contributes a very high percentage of the State economy. As a major tourist destination it has many wild animals; it is the only region in the world that has the Scrub Jay species. The power usage in Florida is known to be produced from renewable sources despite having a petroleum source thus, reducing the environmental pollution rate. It has a very high percentage rating in recycling solid waste in the world.

However, the State of California which is commonly known as the City of Oak tree that mainly influence the religious lives, cultural norms and as a source of wisdom of its population.  California is found on mountainous terrain. It is geared to promote health and education sectors. The technology is high in terms of defense mechanism. This critical and continuous research and improvement that are constantly done in the defense sector security of the State. The rate of crime is minimal due to high set of governing laws.

The environment conservation helps to create a clean and, conducive atmosphere that enhances balanced settlements patterns in the California State. The Ridgecrest City attracts many tourists due to the attractive landscape that is ideal for shooting movies and television shows.  The State is home to China Lake Museum, Trona Pinnacles near Ridgecrest, Death Valley History, Ridgecrest Skate Park and many more thus, creating many recreational centers. The state boasts of a wonderful place full of bars, city restaurants and other convenient joints. The people are friendly and very hospitable.

The rate of growth of Florida’s' population is estimated to be growing very fast also it constitutes of very many illegal immigrants. The ancestry of the natives is English but, the racial make up of the State is now multi ethic population. It comprises 75% percentage of the White, 16% of Blacks or African American and the other percentage consists of other races.

Most of Florida’s’ cites are situated along the coastal peninsula which are Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, Jacksonville and many more. These cities have a very high population that originally spoke Spanish but, now a great percentage speaks English as their first language at home.

Religion is a key factor in every community, a very large part of Florida’s’ population is Protestant but also Roman Catholic is more evident than other denomination.  The governance of the State is not that good as its mortgage fraud rates are relatively high. Also, cases of highway accidents caused by alcohol are on the rise.

The Florida State has a variety of Architectural styles thus having a unique trade mark in their construction. The transport sector is developed as it has the worlds’ largest cruise ship port and the headquarters of other major cruise port companies in the world. Air transport is developed and, one of the world’s largest cargo airports the Miami International Airport is found in Florida.

Sports are a major interest in the State such as Major League Baseball and American Football League, auto racing tracks, tennis and many more. This has raised awareness about the topology of sport tourism. The state has major interests in sports like baseball games, soccer, motor cross, and softball tournaments that are hosted on west finest facilities.

On the other hand, the State of California in the Lancaster city is an ideal destination for business due to the limitless business opportunities that are available. Government policies are favorable for business and overall economic growth. The state is heavily characterized by the presence of industries.


Florida and California States are very important States due to the fact that I work with the United Nation Project department that deals with the development look out of the most popular States in the World. Moreover, having this golden opportunity to travel and base my findings on these States, I was enlighten that everything or place in this World has its strengths and, drawbacks.


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