Free Future of Foreign Policy Essay Sample

I.The American foreign policy has been one of the best drafted and has been in tandem with the spirit of one of the oldest constitution in the civilised world. However, as times change and the technology continues to change the shape of world politics and global economy, there has been a rising question of whether the tenets of the American foreign policy are still relevant. In a world where the economy is being replaced by a complex global economy and military power is replaced by special technology (extraterrestrial manmade satellites), the biggest question that will need to be answered is how the current foreign policy can be revised to meet the needs of the current sovereign states.

A.In the near future, foreign policy will move from the current military based power to the scramble of extraterrestrial space in outside our world and even outside our universe.

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1. a. The purpose of this speech is to introduce a new thought among intellectuals and even the lay man on how the scramble for space will affect foreign policy in the future, and explore how this will affect the relationship between the united states of America and the rest of the world, including its long time enemies. The paper will seek to see how this may affect the security and peace of the world international community and therefore create a good ground for future scholars to develop better ways to prepare the our administration for the uncertain future.

This speech will therefore explore the following issues with regard to foreign policy;

  1. What are the current tenets of the American foreign policy?
  2. What are the tenets that are sliding to irrelevance as the world politics advance into the new ways?
  3. How will the current scramble for extraterrestrial space affect foreign policy?
  4. What effect will this have on the American politics and economy in the future? 

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