Free Institution’s Objectives and Values Essay Sample

Institutions develop objectives in order to create an environment where members are aware of the intended purpose of the institution. Objectives in institutions are important in giving direction to the institution for successful growth. They also ensure proper coordination among members thus high probability of success.

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The Ashford’s six foundation values translates into behavior in a way that they govern the way we make judgments of what is right or wrong, evaluation of our actions and motivates us to engage in certain actions and not others. By doing so, these values are the core determinants of how we conduct ourselves. They translate into behavior by acting as codes of conduct behind which all our behaviors rely on.  For instance, self worth is behind our determination as individuals and enable us see ourselves as important members of the institution and conduct ourselves in a manner suggestive of our abilities, skills and achievements. Self worth is important since it instills a sense of belonging and self drive towards participation in all activities of the institution. Creativity as a value is responsible for our critical thinking and application of out abilities, skills and expertise to come up with innovations and inventions. This value is important in realizing our potentials and talents. Interdependence has enabled us intermingle and interact freely with one another in the institution. This has created social cohesiveness, teamwork and the culture of idea sharing. Incase of a problem, we re able to discuss and come up with democratic decisions. The value of service is responsible for the dedication we have when it comes to offering our services to our beneficiaries. The value has enabled us to uphold quality service delivery as an institution. Integrity is the most vital value responsible for exercise of other minor values such as courtesy, politeness, respect, faithfulness, obedience, trustworthy and humanity. Effectiveness as a value goes hand in hand with efficiency when carrying out duties. Value has enabled us come up with services which are satisfactory to our customers. It is also the force behind which we uphold required standards of operation as an institution.

These norms of behavior can be useful in creation of good reputation for the institution. In order to live Ashford’s values, one needs to put aside a rebellious character and strictly obey the values each and everyday of his/her life. One has to observe morality, ethics and evaluate his or her actions in consideration with the values. As an individual, the foundation values have been my source of light in terms of changing my character from a rebellious person to an obedient and trustworthy person.  


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