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Free Methods Exercise Essay Sample

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Tasks and Subtasks

Person(S) Responsible

Resources Needed






 The faculty and the students.


 Needlenoose pliers, Knife, file, fingernail clippers, fishing pole, harpoons.



 One hour


 Discovery hike


 All groups involved.


 First aid kit, trail guides and maps, compass, enough quarts of water, water proof matches and lighter, High-energy food source that are packaged such as power bar.



 3 to 3 and a half hours


 Rock Climbing


Adult volunteers.


 Rope, quickdraws, carabiners, belay devices, harnesses, Ascenders, Daisy chain, slings, rappel rack, rescue eight, webbing, rope bag, nut tool, resin, chalk and chalk bag, bouldering map, gear sling, haul bag, climbing shoes, helmets, grip savers.  


 Two hours

Team Challenges (W/ Low Ropes)








 Thick ropes, gloves.


 One hour




Outdoor Living Skills






All the people at the camp, especially teachers.


Simple traps, fishing equipment, water bottles, magnifying glasses, flint, matchboxes, shelter building materials,


Twenty four hours




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