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Al Gore made his speech with the idea to encourage the world to shun environmental pollution. He intended to communicate to the world leaders that it was high time that they came together and advocated for the prevention of global warming. Al Gore was motivated by the devastating effects of global warming to the entire world population. His idea was thus to ensure that actions are taken now and make the adverse effects of the phenomenon be instead brought to a complete control and prevention. Al Gore wanted to make it clear to the world that the global ice glaciers were no longer available, and they are still under the threat of extinction. He, for instance, argues out that countries in North and South America as well as Australia have seen people move from what for many years they called home. In Africa, 18 countries have experienced the same. Al Gore thus points out to the argument that it was now or never that the world will be saved from succumbing to the environmental degradation. The Nobel peace prize winner and the former USA vice president was centrally basing his speech on combating environmental degradation. He was calling the world to act now, to ensure that nuclear weapons which, according to him, would result in “nuclear winter” preventing the sunrays from reaching the earth surface are not there. Global warming is brought to halt by ensuring that contributory negligence is prevented and cutting down the release of CO2 into the atmosphere. Al Gore was out to ensure that humanity does create “peace” with the environment.

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To a large extent, Al Gore uses evidence to drive his point home. He uses practical examples to ensure that he amicably makes his stand known, and all respective steps that make it possible to make peace with the environment are followed. For instance, he points out clearly that the climatic threat is here and it is real in the following quotation, “….. Now comes the threat of climate crisis- a threat that is real, rising, eminent and universal…..once again it is the 11th hour. The penalties for ignoring this challenge are immense and growing and at some near point will be unsustainable and unrecoverable…..” Al Gore, in the above excerpt, manages to use evidence to make known the effects of ignoring environmental conservation.

Al Gore’s arguments are strong in that they were advocating for saving the world not only for the current human race, but also for the generations to come.  Based on the assumption that those present are dignitaries who understand environmental conservation and effects of pollution and global warming, they are at a better position to present his worries and arguments. He has the right timing to do so and make every one involved in his dream to save the world environment from adverse pollution, now and forever. His arguments are coming up when they are most desired to curb the warring environmental destructions. These are some of the things that make his perspectives not to be ignored. However, they are also not without flaws. Al Gore talks of creating “peace” with the environment, but he does not tell out how. In addition, he is not able to precisely point out how it is possible to prevent “the fall of the ice on a cliff” as scientist argue it out due to the earth’s rotation. Some of his arguments are so pale to natural powers that are hard to combat. In addition, Al Gore’s audience is expecting an acceptance speech for having won the coveted price. He, however, chooses to play with words when not desirable bringing in scientific assumptions to listeners who knew literary little about it. His arguments, in this case, are not appropriate and do not communicate; they, instead, create an amusement to the audience, hence becoming weak.


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