Free Spiritual Needs Assessment Essay Sample

Before I carried out the spiritual assessment survey, I explained to my patient that the mission of the hospital is to heal patients with love in the Christian tradition. Here are the questions of the survey with my patient’s answers:

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(Q1)  What type of spiritual/religious support do you desire? (A1) I desire to cast out all fear.

(Q2)  What does suffering mean to you? (A2) It means that I can learn valuable lessons in order to reach full spiritual potential.

(Q3)  What does dying mean to you? (A3) It means that it is the start of a new life with Jesus.

(Q4)  What are your spiritual goals? (A4) I want to live a full spiritual life without fear.

(Q5)  How has illness affected your family? (A5) Most of them are worried about my health.

(1) Although there were some tensions between us as my patient was feeling uneasy most of the time, the survey was carried out quite smoothly and the patient answered all the questions. (2) I discovered that the patient is dominated by some unknown fear. I also found that he has spiritual distress. (3) The patient was cooperative and supported the culture of radical loving care in HealingHospital. (4) I would create more questions to discover more spiritual needs in future. (5) The survey went well except some tensions between us. To ensure our future communication would be carried out in a relaxed manner, I would give my patient a comforting prayer before conducting the survey. (6) The survey reveals a mentally alert, spiritually disturbed, and physically sick person. I will help him to remove his fear by bringing him to know and receive God’s love, as perfect love cast out all fear. This tool opened my heart towards my patient’s need, and prompted me to become “an individual who has a passion to serve, takes the extra steps to ensure that people's needs are met”. 


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