Free The Language of Art Essay Sample

Art is a physical expression of human emotions. For many years, art has been looked and judged by those who were able to understand the emotions that the artists. They try to express themselves in art forms that they did use. In the 20th century after art had started to be taught in educational institutions, people had to find a way to express art in words. This was to enable the art to be judged and graded by those who cannot understand some forms of art in the way the artist had tried to present it.

The written word adds to the public experience of art. There are some works of art like drawings, paintings, carvings and many others, which portray emotions that the artist was trying to show, but an ordinary art lover would not be able to understand. Expression of such in words brings out the perfect picture in expression.

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However, sometimes the written word limits the experience of art or might as well be biased in some way. If the individual, doing the writing of the artwork is not a professional in that field, he or she only sees the artwork from a certain angle then the work might be misjudged. Bias will come in if the individual doing the writing prefers a certain emotion top the real one being expressed. More often than not, the words might not fully express the emotions of the artist thus limiting the art experience.

Written word has this other weakness. It cannot easily tell about the artist as the art does. The nature of the artwork through careful observation tells a million words, and the description, character, attitudes, origin and emotions of the artist can also be derived from the piece of art. Written words fail in this area.

The critics’ reception of artwork is crucial to the public view of the art. However, the importance of the artist’s intention overrides the importance of a critic’s reception. Art is about expressing an emotion. These emotions come from the artist, and the artist has intentions that he or she wants the world to see. The critical reception of art creates an impression to the general public about what the artist was trying to show, which might not be the same thing. In 1863, Édouard Manet’s Le déjeuner sur l’herbe painting, which translates to "The Luncheon on the Grass" depicts three people, two men fully dress and a nude woman having a picnic.

 This wonderful piece of art caused uproar in public by the art critics and civil rights groups. To the critics it was not right for the woman to be naked, yet the men are in their clothes, and that showed lack of dignity to the women. On the other hand, Edourd Manet only wanted to show the aspect of individual freedom in the society and this came out perfectly in the piece of art he made.


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