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Engineering is one of the most recognized professions that have a direct impact on our daily lives. This means that engineering is central to the continued survival of humanity through facilitating inventions that make life on earth easier. Engineering has facilitated some of the greatest path breaking discoveries in numerous disciplines. The best part of the engineering profession is that it focuses on the continuous improvement of existing inventions in order to make the world a better place. Accomplishing the goals of the profession long-standing love and passion, this should be manifested during the early years of one’s life. This paper is a two-part personal education and professional career plan based on the Whole Life Concept and reflects on the inner and outer circles of the concentric model: passion and impact.

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Some of my long-standing passions include solving problems in math, physics and real life situations. I had an interest in fixing things, putting things apart and then rebuilding them. This increased my fascination towards things that move particularly items that are related to engines and components that facilitate motion. In addition, I have developed an interest towards gears, machines, bolts, nuts and other aspects of motion engineering until I became passionate towards being the world’s best engineer. I grew up as a person who loved putting things apart and rebuilding them, when I was in kindergarten. My passion about mechanical engineering increased in high school when I learned gear and belt drive systems, which is relatively a small component of mechanical dynamics. Despite this, it caught my attention towards mechanical engineering. Since then, my dream has been to handle huge machineries that make use of gears, belt drive systems, bolts, engine systems, hydraulics and pneumatics. My fascinations towards these mechanical engineering aspects were irresistible. In fact, I have always wished to study the aspects that focus on movement and coordination of components that could be observed using naked eyes. Apart from that, I hold the belief that my ability towards problem solving in math and physics serves to compliment my passion for mechanical engineering. I hold the view that mechanical engineering is a perfect career choice for me.

Background, values, and strengths contribute to my passion

I consider myself an inquisitive individual who is always eager and curious to learn new concepts. This has been part of me since my childhood, as evident with the habit of fixing things, putting them apart and then rebuilding them. An effective engineer needs teamwork skills and leadership; this is because engineering is a collective responsibility that involves the design of machines. Achieving positive results requires coordination among team members. I have the confidence that I can work collaboratively in a group without bias associated with egocentricity and selfishness.

I draw my inspiration from Rudolf Christian Diesel (1858-1913) who was an inventor and a mechanical engineer, known for the discovery of the diesel engine. He made a life-changing contribution in the engine and transmissions field, which are vital elements in the present day life. I have the hope that one day my passion for mechanical engineering will lead to an invention that could change the world. I aspire to integrate mechanical engineering with electrical engineering, especially in Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems, which is an emerging trend in engineering that I believe has the potential of solving numerous problems facing the world today.

Irrespective of in innovative technology, the natural resources are increasingly becoming depleted; the outcome is pollution and lack of sustainability. In light of these circumstances, I hold the view that an engineer has the responsibility of addressing the environmental problems through offering the best solution. For that reason, it is my passion to study mechanical engineering comprehensively in order to make the world a better place through facilitating the development of green inventions. A degree from the university will lay the foundation for achieving my career goals as a mechanical engineer.

How My Passion Can Positively Affect the World

Mechanical engineering mainly involves responsible product development, processes and power consumption, irrespective of the scope of application. This implies that my passion for mechanical engineering skills and principles are virtually required for almost all human-made objects that have moving parts. Most of the crucial inventions are associated with the principles of mechanical engineering in terms of motion dynamics, forces and energy. Therefore, my passion will be a great deal in facilitating the development of crucial innovations needed for the future.

Energy is one of the most crucial challenges that are currently facing humankind; the interest in Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems will make significant contributions towards the development of energy efficient solutions to address the issue. This is in line with the goal of making the world a better place, since energy efficient systems are the solution towards ensuring global sustainability. The passion of fixing math and physics problems will play an integral role in facilitating efficient product development and processes. In addition, rational engineering design is closely related to the goals and objectives of mechanical engineering by ensuring that there is building of cost effective and energy efficient systems.

Through the development of cost effective and energy efficient systems, significant contributions will be made on the economy and environment. Energy is one of the expensive resources and cutting the costs on energy can result in significant economic benefits. In addition, industrial processes that are environment friendly can result in significant benefits on the larger community in terms of health.

Emerging Issues May Affect Your Passion In The Future

Today, numerous opportunities exist for engineering students facilitated by exponential advancements in knowledge, communication platforms, instrumentation and computational capabilities. Despite the challenges ahead, engineering career is essentially motivated by passion, inquisitiveness, dreams and constant engagement. Numerous emerging factors are likely to influence my passion in mechanical engineering. They include globalization, scale and complexity, and danger of complacency.

Globalization implies that future professionals will be able to work without the confines of national boundaries. This will offer an opportunity for a personal upward career growth and the capacity to impact the society. Scale and complexity imply that spatial scales are increasingly becoming reduced, which increase the complexity of engineering innovations. Shrinking spatial measurements offer opportunities that can facilitate uncovering of unexplored opportunities. Another emerging trend that is likely to affect my passion is the danger of complacency due to increasing cases of dropouts from the engineering courses. Engineering schools are for the brightest and best students, which are perceived to override passion in the field. Evidently, this denies passionate students of their ability to pursue their dreams if they are bright and best, although have they are driven by passion.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required to Turn My Passion into a Career

It is arguably evident, that my passion translates to a mechanical engineering career. This implies that a fundamental requirement to turn my passion into career is to graduate from a university with a degree in mechanical engineering. The abilities required include application of mathematics and science in engineering; designing experiments, analysis and interpretation of data; designing systems, components and process that operate within feasible constraints; and the ability to work in groups. Other abilities needed include the capacity to engage in life-long learning and effective communication skills. Knowledge of current issues and broad engineering are needed to ensure the impacts of engineering solutions are viable in solving contemporary issues. The skills needed include mechanics of solid materials, automotive physics and motion physics. In addition, other basic mechanical engineering skills that are applicable in every aspect of engineering are needed.

The importance of Whole Life Concept

The Whole Life Concept denotes the responsibility that one has for his career path. It offers engineers with a guideline that can be used to achieve positive outcomes during the course of a career development. The Whole Life Concept also provides a framework for becoming an effective professional. This is because a career begins with passion, after which knowledge is used to turn the passion to career. The Whole Life Concept model offers various methods of application so that one can use his/her career to influence the people around him/her and the larger community.

Job Opportunities That Will Allow Me to Make an Impact in the World Based On My Passion

  1. Mechanical Engineer / Machine Tools & Motion Control

This job opportunity is offered by Projex Associates Inc located in Seattle, Washington. The starting salary is $58,881.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering
  2. Problem-solving skills
  3. Ability to work in a creative team environment
  4. Minimum of five years experience in mechanical engineering, especially aerospace
  5. Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

This job opportunity is offered by Stanley Black & Decker, which is located in Houston Texas. The starting salary is $58,766.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering
  2. Problem-solving skills
  3. Ability to work collaboratively
  4. Flexibility and strong listening skills
  5. Machine design and project planning
  6. Mechanical Engineer

This job opportunity is offered by CognitiveTPG, Inc located in New York, with a starting salary of $52800 – 66000.


  1. Mechanical engineering degree from an accredited institution
  2. Ability and experience to handle gear train
  3. Knowledge in performing stress calculations used for material selection and appropriate sizing
  4. Familiar with manufacturing processes


My major is mechanical engineering. From the questions, I have apprehended that a career in mechanical engineering matches my long-life passion. I hold the view that pursuing a career in mechanical engineering will facilitate the achievement of my career goals and my life dreams. For instance, I have acquired knowledge regarding the abilities; knowledge and skills required to turn my passion into dreams.


I am passionate about solving problems in math, physics and real life situations. I had an interest in fixing things, putting things apart and then rebuilding them. I have a strong interest in engines and components that facilitate motion. In addition, I developed an interest towards gears, machines, bolts, nuts and other aspects of motion engineering until I became passionate towards being the world’s best engineer. I plan to use my passion to facilitate the innovation of energy efficient and cost-effective systems to result economic and environmental benefits. This assignment has helped me to uncover that a career in mechanical engineering matches my long-life passion.


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