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Buying local products creates job opportunities to the local people as money circulating within the community, keeping wealth in your region. When these products are exported they earn the government foreign exchange thus, influencing the development in the country.

It encourages investments of locally thought ideologies among the youths thus curbing crime rates in the country and, thus this attracts more investors from the outside world. This leads to the creation of many urban centers that enhance development.

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Buying local products gives the local people a chance to improve their living standards as it provides a channel of earning a living through purchasing these products by the natives. As business thrives, the government is able to check the balances of payments from business owners thus improving national infrastructure and superstructures.

The creation of market for local products enable the community to foster a sense of identity  through conserving the originality of  the goods baring a trade mark to the outside world thus; improving international trade and prevent national and global recessions.

It makes the cost of production lower as it does not involve the transportation cost unlike in convectional products that are produced far away and need to be shipped or airlifted for several days or months. Quality standards are easy to maintain in that the feedback from the produce is instant due to the closeness between the firm and the customer.

Local markets create recreational places for people to interact, socialize and exchange ideologies thus creating awareness of different cultures and appreciating each other thus preaching peace.

It enables the generation of income per capita to the locals thus improving their living standards. This enables the interior parts of the world to grow and the equal distribution of resources as well as decentralization of these resources unlike where resources are concentrated in the major markets centre.

As the world, of formal employment is becoming a threat to many youths, buying local products will improve their chances of employment in the informal sector as the put in practice what they learn from the formal sector. This will improve the informal sector ideologies also eliminate social vices like prostitution and robbery as these young minds will be productive not idle.

The migration to the urban centre will decline as the rural centre will also offer opportunities that encourage self dependency. This will decongest the urban centre population thus not straining the minimal resources of certain areas and others have the potential but are left idle.

The buying of local products has opened up new avenues in business thus making people not to depend only on formal employment especially among the young people thus creating an additional source of income to the government through taxation.

Buying of local products will also lead to exploitation of new mineral resources that are needed but were somehow not known to exist. This will lead to more development of the country’s economy as well as changing the lives in the society.

Environmental benefits

Reclamation of land is a contributing factor to the unused land is rejuvenated into a resourceful activity like irrigation. Specialization on a commodity that will grow and be sold to benefits the societal needs. Buying of local products will promote the conservation of environment unlike in the use of convectional inorganic products that produce green house gases   and, materials that pollute the soil.

This will boost environmental education in that the community will learn to reuse and recycle the products thus reducing the high rate of green gases production that cause global warming. The extension of desert regions in the world will greatly reduce by 85% as the local products will not produce gases that destroy the environment and, prolonged periods without rainfall or snow will normalize moreover, draught and hunger will not occur.

Protection of the endangered flora and fauna is enabled as they are used in the production of these local products thus they are the source of income and, they are conserved. The preservation of fragile plants is a key factor to their raw materials thus they are taken care off.

A forestation is encouraged by the locals through replacing the trees they cut down so as to ensure a supply of raw materials through out the year and, also to ensure the water catchment areas are protected from drying up; as the trees are involved in the water cycle regulation.

Through the conservation of the environment, the promotion of natural beauty is enhanced thus creating recreational centers where people can go to relax their mind and body. Poaching is discouraged by the locals, to maintain the ecosystem balance thus, not straining one part of the environmental ecosystem.

Burning of forests is discouraged so as not to pollute the air by producing green house gases and, to prevent the destruction of the water cycle and raw material sources. It also encourages environmental research and project studies in school through the preservation of the environments. It creates environmental awareness to the public and to retain the originality of nature.


Each person is entitled to a role to ensure economic growth also appreciate the environment as the major source of these local products. Therefore, the Government should educate the locals about the environment importance and, formulate heavy penalties on defaulters. The stabilization of natural resources and equal distribution of resources will enable the buying of local products make a great change in the economy.


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