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Communication is the process of transmitting information from one person to another in any given place such a business environment. However, effective communication is about more than just the exchange of information among individuals as it is also about understanding the emotions contained in a particular message. It is worth noting that effective communication is mostly utilized in the business environment as it helps individuals to understand each other better, it builds trust, improves creativity in the business environment, builds respect, and facilitates effective problem solving among members of staff. Additionally effective communication improves the overall performance of the business, as employees are able to relate better with their employers, other employees, and customers who later on become loyal to the organization.

This essay explicates the time of effective communication in a business, reasons for its effectiveness, and the resulting impact on the business.

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The Time of Effective Communication

The time I experienced effective communication was the time when the salaries of all employees in the organization had been delayed because of a computer error. Notably, employees in the organization were used to receiving their salaries as early as 26th of every month. However, this time around it was unusual as the salaries had delayed and it was already the third day of the new month. Everyone appeared to be losing morale and focus on the job as they had been convinced that the business had done that intentionally. The human resource manager realized a decline in the employees’ commitment and had to do something to bring the situation to normalcy. It took the intervention of the human resource manager to organize a meeting for all employees in the organization. During the meeting, the human resource manager was able to give a clear explanation as to what had led to the delay in the employees’ salaries. Additionally, the human resource manager gave enough reasons for the delay and apologized to all employees. At last, he was able to strike an amicable deal with all employees and promised that he would do anything to ensure that their salaries are paid within the next two days. All employees came out of the meeting more energized and focused on working even better.

Reasons why it Was Effective Communication

This was fully effective communication between the human resource manager and employees. Firstly, it was effective because of the adequacy of the information that was presented by the human resource manager. The manager did not hit around the bush but came out clearly and admitted that the organization had delayed paying the salaries because of the computer error that occurred when producing pay slips.  Adair affirms that adequate information is enough to eliminate the doubt of employees to the organization’s commitment to catering for their welfare. The information was satisfactory to all employees as all of them came out of the meeting looking more energetic and committed to performing their duties within the organization. The information was adequate, as it had touched on every aspect of the matter including the cause of the delay, measures being taken, and the ultimate solution to the matter.

Secondly, the communication was effective because of the keen manner in which employees were able to listen to the human resource manager. The employees listened carefully to the information delivered by the human resource manager, as most of them were not distracted by external elements. Again, there was no sense of murmuring at the meeting as all employees sat and patiently listened to the human resource manager. They were able to respond well in cases where they were required to come in. These effective listening skills from employees underscore the fact that the communication was effective.

Lastly, the communication was effective because of the simple language that the human resource manager had adopted in communicating with employees during the meeting. Guffey & Loewy asserts that the use of simple language is one of the key elements of effective communication in a business. The manager used simple language that could be understood by both the casual workers of the organization and the skilled employees holding different positions within the organization. The use of simple language boosted the understanding of all the presented ideas and all employees came out of the meeting with better understanding of the cause of the issue. This rejuvenated their dedication to performing organizational responsibilities.

Impact on the Business

The overall impact of this communication to the business was rejuvenation among employees and the creation of trust between the management and employees. Employees understood the cause of the delay in their salaries and they came out rejuvenated and ready to continue working toward the achievement of the goals of the organization. This ensured that the required results were being delivered as required. Additionally, there was the creation of enhanced trust between employees and the management. The human resource manager had helped bring back the trust hence facilitating improved business operations.

In conclusion, effective communication is an important element as it helps boost the entire operations of the business. Effective communication ensures that operations and problems in the business are solved in an amicable manner for the continuity of the organization. For instance, in the scenario discussed in the essay, the human resource manager communicated effectively as he was able to exhaust the matters surrounding the entire issue, used simple language, and employees listened keenly. The impact of this was rejuvenation and the enhancement of trust between employees and the management.


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